Friday, February 01, 2008

Why I haven't posted, eaten, slept, etc

My oldest friend in the world (on right, who would kill me for putting up this pic because she looks not so like herself and was nowhere near this heavy, only gaining 20 lbs with her pregnancy!!) had this beautiful baby girl on Tuesday. Doesn't she look fetching in the arms of her aunt? I believe that's an Austen quote, lol. She is beautiful and impossibly small and makes all the bad hectic tiredness in the world go away. Seriously, my sister and I sat for two hours in a small hospital room just to hang out with this little one. Of course this led to several past 12 am nights as I tried to finish the schoolwork I had put off for hospital visits. And seeing Atonement, ha ha.

Anyways, tonight my sister and I are having a big-ish party at our house and there's a ton to do here at work before I go home and do a ton more to set up. Things are looking a bit brighter this week though, and even my birdie Lucy has taken a turn for the better, now playing, singing, eating and trying to kill her mate Charlie Brown by preening him innocently and then attacking him. She's practically back to normal, a literal miracle in the world of bird sickness. I never would have predicted that! Who would've thought?!

Sigh. There is nothing like a fresh new baby to put life in perspective...and to have someone knew to knit for!!!!

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