Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doing Nothing

Sigh. I got sooooo distracted by the internet....I thought I was going to have this extremely productive weekend too. Ah well. It all started when I signed on to look for some bio articles and have instead sat here for the last hour and tooled around on flickr. I did find an old bruise photo. I guess I didn't really get how grotesque it was. Probably because it was on me and I could never really get a good look at it. I can't believe it's finally gone either. I'm trying to get back to donating platelets but I think that the staff at the donor center and I are collectively freaked out by the whole experience. I know I have a stellar count and all but I wouldn't be surprised if the apheresis techs never want to touch me again. Eh. We'll see. Maybe week after next I'll take a stroll over there and see what we can set up....

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