Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Neglected Blog/New Post of Randomness/New Hampshire

First, you must look at this. The cuteness is unmatched, seriously unmatched. In fact, check out the blog in general, it's full of beautiful photography, wonderful stories, and great crafty ideas, all written from Zambia and Malawi.

Second, I found this little piece of reference material. I am making some muffins, the recipe for which I found on SouleMama (another gem of a blog) and want to buy local, so that's that (if you live in Massachusetts that is).

Other blog wanderings: I've signed up for a postcard swap and can't wait. I already have it partially designed in my head and will definitely feature New Hampshire and a line from a Rilo Kiley song. Score!

Speaking of New Hampshire, my sister and I are heading there tomorrow afternoon, despite the weekend's dismal forecast. My grandparents have a cottage on Bear Island in Lake Winnipesaukee. Yesterday as I was donating platelets the pheresis tech was like "oh do you have a boat?" I almost cackled because I had just explained how we were on an island, but luckily stopped myself because there are several islands that have bridges connecting them to the mainland, like the swanky Governor's Island, which I believe has been the vacation spot of famous peeps, even Ms. Spears. Lucky for us we are NOT connected to the mainland by a bridge and are only accessible by boat. We do not, therefore, have roads or stores, or anything more than trails, trees, a public dock for the mail boat....oh ok, we do have a lot of stuff, all that, plus two camps and a church, but nothing big and illustrious and attractive that would attract the type of people who need their entourage when traveling. I am actually hoping that gas prices will keep the lake relatively quiet this summer, as people think twice about spending a day zipping back and forth on their Ski-Doos (for which I foster a special hatred). Anyways I am amassing a packing list in my head as we speak. The island is pretty casual, and when it's warm, it's a bathing suit and shorts all day, or cargoes and a fleece if chilly, so clothes are not the thing I'm thinking of here...I'm thinking of a craft packing list. I'll have to pack the two belated wedding gifts I'm dying to finish, as well as the gorgeous Sea Silk yarn I just bought to make my mother a birthday gift (I'm thinking of a shawl). Hand Maiden - Sea Silk Yarn

The colorway is Lily Pond. Scrumptious.

I also need to pack my clapotis, which continues to kill my soulllll as well as another wedding gift I'm working on. Of course I'm going to two weddings and I don't have handmade gifts in the works, which makes me antsy. One is July 12th though and I have no freaking clue how I'd finish something in time. Of course I am going to visit Ravelry as soon as I finish this post to check out speedy afghans. Because I am crazy like that. It'll also be the perfect opportunity to capture some sunrise/sunset pics for the postcard swap!

Finally, speaking of weddings....Jam and I were both in one this past weekend, along with 12 other bridesmaids and 12 other groomsmen. I know it sounds ridiculous...I mean for a long time the whole even was a great source of ridiculousness and stress for me, but when the day came it really did go quite splendidly and it has been thus far, the most fun I've had at a wedding. Now to planning my own (eeeeh.)

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sooo I totally graduated...I even surprised myself a little bit by scraping by with the mandatory B- in Plant Physiology! So now I have a Master's degree in biology with a concentration in conservation and the environment and remain at my completely unrelated job at the cancer hospital, with no intention of finding something new til the fall. Of course it took me a few weeks to get over the weird feelings of guilt I had about spending so much for a degree and not getting a new job. I told someone I was so happy because I had managed to save 11 vacation days during the 2 years I had been going to school and that I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. The person happened to be in HR here and snapped at me "well we have vacation buyback, you don't need to stay just for the vacation." Woah! I wanted to tell her that no amount of money would be worthy enough to buy back those days. Hell no. That time is sooo worth it. I envision lazy days, crafts, and kayaking. Now I am enjoying school-free life and am being somewhat lazy. Ok not lazy as I am running around like mad preparing for a dear friend's wedding (yup, the same wedding I bitched about a few months ago....I've finally moved into excited and looking forward to it mode, FINALLY) but the stress level is down sooo much since graduating. I think with my father retiring too the family is in this sort of happy place. We all made it through the rough month of May and we're enjoying June and the newly redone porch and my parent's wise investment in the Margaritaville Frozen Concotion Maker. Oh yes. Every household should have one. We have not yet moved past margaritas, though this machine has the capacity for all sorts of frozen drinks, both of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic persuasion. While living at home with the parentals may not always be the most ideal living situation (it's great, but it's no Sex and the City) being able to take advantage of frozen drink maker and my mother's penchant for Patron is so worth it. God. Patron. I might need to go home and have a margarita. I'm so happy I reconciled with tequila.

Anyways, this has been a rather pointless post full of laziness and liquor-talk. I guess since graduating not much has been happening, mostly bridesmaid duties: shower, bachelorette (and cooking and packing and driving for each of those), getting the dress altered, getting eyebrows waxed, planning manicures and pedicures and getting shoes fixed. I get to pick up the shoes today from the shoe and luggage repair people at South Station. They're super-nice and from Uganda. Yes, I find Africans wherever I go, it's like a magnet or something :) As soon as I hear "Ah-LEE-zon" I thought "ah yes, East Africa....not quite Kenya though." So I asked the two gentlemen where they were from and they practically shouted UGANDA! at me. They were excited to hear about studying in Kenya and sending Mumbua to school (yep. still doing it. gosh, it's been 2 1/2 years now I guess. CRAZY) It's always nice to connect with people, so I've been referring people in Boston to them whenever I get the chance.

Ok I've actually now bored myself with the dullnes of this post. I'm going to finish my QA, water my plants and bounce. It's the "freakin' weekend." WOOOOOOOOO!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Moment

Wherein I realize that I might actually be badass:

Email to Jamaal, discussing a bachelor/ette party we're going to this weekend. The venue was changed from a site with a hot tub and pool hall to a site that occasionally has black bears:

I am all for a more rusticated experience, but no one better be a dumbass about containing the food. grrr. I have camped in lion country b*tches, I will lay the smack down.

F8ck. That just hit me. Do you think camping in lion/hyena/elephant country is more badass than camping in bear country???

I think it might be! I think I might be LEGIT badASS! OMG!