Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Moment

Wherein I realize that I might actually be badass:

Email to Jamaal, discussing a bachelor/ette party we're going to this weekend. The venue was changed from a site with a hot tub and pool hall to a site that occasionally has black bears:

I am all for a more rusticated experience, but no one better be a dumbass about containing the food. grrr. I have camped in lion country b*tches, I will lay the smack down.

F8ck. That just hit me. Do you think camping in lion/hyena/elephant country is more badass than camping in bear country???

I think it might be! I think I might be LEGIT badASS! OMG!


Alex said...

You were a badass LOOOOONG before camping in wild-animal territory ;)

Al said...

Oh, why thank you!!!
Soooo I have poison ivy right now....remember in fourth grade when we rubbed it all over our bodies to try and get out of school? Then you got it horribly and I didn't have a spot??! Can't help but think that every time I get poison ivy now, lol.

everything and nothing said...

I am enjoying your new title.
Also, so I didn't imagine the itchiness. Hope yours isn't bad, mine is over already and I didn't hive, though may have illogically gotten it in ear.

Alex said...

hahahaha I totally remember that! I think I actually swelled up like, that night. I ended up getting it in my eyelids and my mouth!!! Hahaha what a spazz I was. Why did we do that!? lol

Hope your summer is going well so far and hasn't been to stressful. Ring me up if you're in Maine and have free time (I know, hard to come by) Orrrr if you and the Jam-man wanna come up for a day to relax. You're always welcome here! :)

Al said...

oooh thank you for the invite! we are trying to make it through wedding stuff - we're in one together next weekend...then we have to go down to DC for another in a couple weeks but hopefully we'll have some free time. We love Maine!