Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Miserable Cities

So Forbes is out with it's list of most miserable cities, judged on an assortment of different criteria. Honestly I'm surprised Boston didn't get put on there since I hear a lot of complaints about it. I still can't get over one complaint I heard about a year ago from someone who had migrated from the East Coast to Chicago. She said "Oh my God, you Bostonians are all so neurotic. You're rushing and pushing and shoving and you never slow down and enjoy life." Ha we're rushing so we can fit all of life's pleasures into the short time we have, so we don't miss out. 'Cause you never know when an event/happening/celebrating may occur again. Need I bring up the 86-year hiatus the Red Sox took from winning the World Series?!
I guess the thing is that Forbes made their own Misery Measure based upon the Misery Index and Misery Score to judge/calculate these "miserable" cities based on commute time, crime, unemployment, taxes, etc. More of an internal measure rather than an outside judgment - I guess Bostonians are pretty ok then, but I still wonder what our score would be. Of course there are always outliers that could be bringing you down....like the one in my office today. Heh. If you calculated her into the mix, we'd probably be the #1 most miserable city. HA!
Happy Tuesday Peeps.


everything and nothing said...

Best Places to Live: Top 100


everything and nothing said...

Oops, a better link:
We've Got Peaches, Baby!

Al said...

That's awesome Rach!! So when are you moving back? LOL