Monday, February 11, 2008

My Blake Incacerated!

Amy Amy Amy
Amy Winehouse
There's so much I could say about our dear Amy and her mid-rehab performance telecast at last night Grammy's....but I think I might be brief on this one.

So word on the street is that people don't think Amy deserved a Grammy because she's "crazy" or a "mess" (like Natalie Cole, who, as Jamaal informed me, is no stranger to drugs herself - though perhaps that's why she said what she did). A lot of people are seeing her grammy wins as rewards for bad behavior. While I understand that train of thought here's my deal: she got the grammy awards cause she's a good singer (when not under the influence). Her album busted into mainstream and was catchy without being obnoxious, eclectic and soulful. It rocked. So she got awards. Cause she deserved them. Ok she's a HOT MESS...true...but how many other stars are we giving awards to who are closet drunks are mainlining heroin or snorting coke at the after parties? You can't hate on Amy just because she wears her problems on her sleeve.

That being said, stay in rehab honey. We'd like your talent around for a while. And your teeth, for that matter.


everything and nothing said...

Totally agree!
I mean, she's a singer. The Grammy is for her performances, her CD, her new artist potential etc. Actually I didn't watch so I don't know what or which she won for. She even (based on youtube clips) put in a decent Grammy performance which is really going above and beyond. What does the rest of it matter?

Al said...

That's what I think too! I mean, would I let my 6 year old kid use her as a role model? Not so much...but...that being said, all the rest kind of has nothing to do with it. I mean inviting Britney to perform at the VMA's was probably more damaging than "rewarding" Amy Winehouse, as the VMA's really seemed to spur Britney's downward spiral. But that's a whole other post!

BoSox Siobhan said...

I do so love her and hope dearly that she can get it together, but I do also believe that she deserved those Grammy wins.
Let's hope she's not going to turn out to be our generation's Janis Joplin.

Al said...

Absolutely - it would be a shame to see such talent wasted!