Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Note About Movies followed by a Recommendation

So I saw that AOL had a link to their Top 25 Romance Movie. Naturally being an ENORMOUS sap I had to check out their ratings. Actually I mostly I got the names of some older films that I have to check out as well.

They start their list with #25 Sleepless in Seattle. Love that movie! Then there's The Notebook. Honestly, sometimes I don't even watch the end. Because at heart, I am a teen girl, LOL. 22 is Amelie, another favorite of mine. I love foreign films in general and I love the quirkiness of Amelie, though I do love Audrey Tautou's performance in a much stranger, darker not really love but sort of love story, Dirty Pretty Things. 20. Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise. Heh. 18. Atonement. Which was amazing(ly sad). Amazing though. Good stuff. Not a light fluffy romance though. 17. Lady and the Tramp. Awrrr. 15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a movie I saw but don't remember but remembered that I quite liked it. Hmm, maybe I should see it again. 11. The Princess Bride. So I heard ALL about this movie and how it was great and funny blah blah BLAH and refused to see it. Then in college I saw it during a movie weekend my house had. And I learned it IS funny and pretty great! "The six-fingered man!" 10. Ghost. It made me want to learn to make clay vases for like, 5 minutes. 7. Moonstruck. I.Love.This.Movie. *smack* SNAP OUT OF IT. Plus having been to the Met a couple times helps, you get a feel for everything that's happening. Plus the movie is hands down ridiculous and hardly believable: "He took my hand! He took my bride!" eh well, still love it. 6. The Way We Were. ha ha about this AOL says "Because she wants it to work out so badly, so do we" Oh how true, because Hubell is such a little bastard (ok not always. but like 50% of the time!). 5. Gone With The Wind. Ahh the so un-PC classic that is one of my favorite all-time movies. "Scarlett, you need to be kissed. Often, and by someone who knows how." Sign me up, Rhett!!! 4. An Affair to Remember. Cary.Grant. OMG. "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories...we've already missed the spring." "If you can paint, I can walk, anything can happen, don't you think?" Tissues please??! Seriously though, I was thinking about the beauty of this movie the other day - it's the subtlety. Sure I love to see people rolling in the sheets every once in a while, heh, but this movie wasn't about that. The romance seemed truer because it wasn't in your face...the scene where the characters are on the stairwell on the ship and all you see are their legs? Love it. 3. Wuthering Heights. Haven't seen this '39 version, saw the Ralph Fiennes one (ugh) and the PBS one (good). It's dark, it's twisted, it's perverse, I LOVE IT. 2. Titanic. Which was awesome. In 1997. Now I think of it and kind of laugh. Oh well. Leo and Kate. 1. Casablanca. LOVED IT when I finally saw it in 11th grade. Oh classic. Ingrid Bergman can do no wrong in my eyes as it is (Notorious, Spellbound, Anastasia, Inn of the Sixth Happiness) and this film is IT.

So all these are great and all, some even freakin' brilliant, but then I was like "wait. if we are doing romance, and including sappy favorites such as Titanic and The Notebook, where is my Meryl Streep representation? Where is Out of Africa, one of the most romantic movies I've ever seen where Robert Redford washes her hair on the banks of the Mara with hippos in the background? WHERE IS IT?

Have no fear, they have a Fan Favorites list. Excellent.
25. Love Actually. How cute. 24. Somewhere in Time. THANK YOU. This is so cheesy, but it's a classic. Christopher Reeve in all his glory and Jane Seymour looking hot and weird time travel? YES. 23. When Harry Met Sally. I love this movie, even if the Billy Crystal sex scene creeps me out. The end rocks though. 21. To Catch a Thief. Ah Cary Grant again, and Grace Kelly. And Alfred Hitchcock! Fabulous. Oh that fireworks scene....19. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset. My friend told me about these movies and how they were incredibly romantic and amazing because they were one long conversation *yawn* I thought. Then I saw them. And bought them. "Baby. You're gonna miss that plane" 17. Pretty Woman. Yup. Gotta love the hooker with the heart of gold line. 15. Dirty Dancing!!! She's like the wind.....though the last scene always left me wondering...if "Baby's going to Mount Holyoke in the fall" where does that leave Johnny? Ahh if she had only chosen Smith...11. Out of Africa. THANK YOU PEOPLE. I do think this is my favorite movie ever, and it is not because my dear friend David Livingstone Otieno makes a split-second appearance as an extra. Or because I've been to Kenya twice, and am deeply and spiritually in love with the place and its people (ok it is kind of why I love this movie) This movie is plain and simple beautiful for so many reasons, cinematically, musically....and as my friend pointed out once the beauty in it is that the love Karen has for Denys is the romantic love, but her love for Farah, is the true love, and while I totally bawl during Denys's funeral scene, it is the moment she tells Farah they must part that really gets me. Sigh. 9. The African Queen!!!!! I adore this movie. I adore Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, and they make such a pair in this film. 7. Now Voyager. Never has an eyebrow wax made such a profound difference in a woman's life. "Don't let's ask for the moon, we have the stars" Oh honey. 6. The Bridges of Madison County. Yes, people mock it. I don't care. I love it. Robert paints a nice picture of Africa when asked about his favorite place: Well, it's the obvious choice, but I think I'd have to say Africa. It's another world. Not just the people and the cultures but the land, the colors you see at dawns and dusks -- and the life there. It charges every molecule of air. It's tangible--the moment to moment of life and death, the cohabitation of man and beast, of beast and beast, who'll survive, who won't--and there's no judgment about it. No right or wrong or impose morality. It's just life. It's a voyeur's paradise. 5. Sliding Doors. This is such a great and random movie. Heh. "Remember what the Monty Python boys say: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition." 4. The Sound of Music. As Amy once said "This movie has everything! Singing, Nazis, Music, Nazis, Nuns, Nazis, Romance....Nazis!!!!!" Even though I know they backlit the gazebo scene because Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer were giggling, it still makes me swoony. Ha, and I hated that scene as a kid, funny.

So I'm continuing this post from the LimoLiner. Believe it. Ok, so maybe you don't know what exactly the LimoLiner is....we-ell it is a "luxury" bus and I only put "luxury" in quotes because a true luxury bus would have an on-board masseuse, LOL. Seriously though, this bus is amazing. In the almost 3 years Jam and I have been dating, I've tried every mode of BOS-NYC transportation available except flying - because seriously? WHY FLY? It's a pain in the ass as it is and by today's security standards, I imagine it takes a good chunk out of your day, showing up at least an hour early to the airport to get screened, delays, blah blah blah. I'm sure there are people who would contest that, but flying is just not for me. So that left me with 1. Greyhound bus, driving myself and taking the Metro North in (parking is difficult by Jam) 3. Regional Service Amtrak 4. Acela Express. I've tried them all, and frankly, they all suck. Greyhound, cheap super-cheap but super slow, crowded, cramped, uncomfortable, and frankly, unsanitary. Driving myself? Awesome, but increasingly expensive given the price of gas, I worry about leaving my car at the Metro North (though most stations are in rich white neighborhoods, so it's not like my Subaru amidst the flock of BMW's, Jags and Mercedes will be jacked, LOL. I also get drowsy at the wheel. No good. As far as Amtrak goes, it's over-priced, especially compared to the rest of the nation, which is annoying, it's rarely on time, it's only slightly more comfortable than the train, and someone obnoxious still sits with me....all of this frustration led me somewhere good though.

The LimoLiner.

So the LimoLiner is great, and actually quite luxurious in comparison to other modes of transportation. It IS $89 each way but here is what you get: an assigned seat, which, if you plan far enough ahead, could be a single seat, leather reclining seats (ahhh), a meal, drink, snacks and magazines, a power outlet (my phone and computer are both charging right now), a movie or two, a CLEAN bathroom, and a ride without any dumb rest area stops that eat up all your time because the 400 lb man just had to wait in the Burger King line and everyone on the bus is waiting for him to come back so we can leave (this has happened to me AND Jamaal). Oh yeah, there's that whole wireless internet connection deal. Awesome. I'm actually supposed to be writing a paper right now, hee, but I felt the need to write about this instead so other people can enjoy their Boston/New York experience.
*the woman across the aisle is making quite a show of typing faster than me. Ok, so there are annoying people on this bus, they're everywhere! At least she's quiet!!*

Here is a busted pic of me on the LimoLiner. Sexy. You know you love it.


amy_c said...

I WAS WONDERING WHERE THE SOUND OF MUSIC WAS. Thank God it made it onto the fan favorite list. HELLO greatest movie ever made!!

everything and nothing said...

Okay, a few things:
I have to see Dirt Pretty Things.
I started to write something but decided it was too long and I should just write it is my own blog if I wanted to. But: I didn't see Casablanca until maybe senior year of college. It really is that good. Also, who knew that many people saw Sliding Doors? I thought I was the only one. Finally, I always meant to recommend Now, Voyager to a certain eyebrow- obsessed friend. Maybe she's already seen it.