Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Trend I Don't Really Like and An Epiphany

First the trend:

So the much talked about professor was back today for his final showing in my academic career. And he kissed my ass. Kind of a lot. And it was incredibly ridiculous. I decided to be nice back, to laugh at his jokes, and to smile appreciatively when he said to me "good point!" Honestly though, I don't really like how this has panned out - this is the third or fourth time I've been offended one week just to have the person be a kissass the next. I appreciate people getting the vibe that they've been rude, unfair, or offensive and made a person (me) feel bad, but wouldn't it have been easier to just have started on a respectful level? I know that this is, to a certain degree, how the real world works, one must gain the admiration of one's peers by proving they are worthy - I have even played this game from time to time - HOWEVER, never did I go into a situations with 1. a pre-conceived lack of respect 2. the assumption that a person is not intelligent 3. the assumption that a person will not get the job done. I believe those are things that come with time, not the other way around. Oh well.

The Epiphany:

My back has hurt for over a week now. Not too too bad, pretty much a nagging pain that a couple aleve every so often knocks out. First I wondered how I hurt my back, and then, in my grand hypochondriac style, I began to think of all of the horrible fatal things that my sore back could be indicating. It's a warning sign of great destruction yet to come!! Today I wore heels to work because I thought I'd be seeing patients, and in my rush to get off to class, I didn't change my shoes and have twice become victim to this university's impeccably waxed floors, the second time far more embarrassing than the first given the fact that I was in the lobby of the library and fell like, ON this woman with vibrant blue eyeliner who made a bigger deal of my wiping out than I did. Red-faced I tromped down the stairs to hide on the ground floor of the library and of course, my back became aggravated once again. Then I thought "duh, you just took the digger of a lifetime, no wonder your freakin' back hurts. How many times a day do you fall? At least once, right? Well there you have it." I'm really glad I don't have some tragic disease, but sometimes I do wonder if my inherent klutziness will prove near-fatal. I hope not!!

Of course I did have these babies on. Perhaps I will wear hiking boots to the dinner party...

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