Friday, February 29, 2008

Staying In, Trying Not to Hurt Ourselves

What a week it has been.

On Saturday, my grandparents found one of their best friends and neighbor dead in his house. Honestly, it sounds like he just sort of fell asleep in front of the TV and never woke up, probably never even realized what happened. Needless to say, it was a shock and it hit my grandparents very hard, especially given the fact that this is their second close friend to die since the beginning of the year, and this was sudden and completely unexpected. Since my sister and I have known him since we were born, we went to the wake on Tuesday.

Since then a minor course of small but stressful disasters have occurred. Yesterday alone I found out I got a "C" on my bio exam (not a big disaster, but scary nonetheless, as anything less than a B- will keep me from graduating), my aunt went to the ER with a massive hematoma on her abdomen (she is ok, broken blood vessel, long story, very freaky, but she's fine) my father broke on of his front-ish teeth when he sneezed of all things (he saved the piece, the dentist put it back on!) and I have had a pain in my side like someone is stabbing me in the back and it's coming out the other end and I've stressed about it all week but haven't said anything due to the fact that there's drama all around. I am ok but think it's definitely something. I'm going to the doctor's on Monday though and will get the word. It might even be nothing but stress and overtiredness and not eating well (ha ha enough!) which I hope it is. I was so full of self-pity this morning I bought myself a bagel. I swore off them after New Year's (carb-o-licious. I've dropped 10 lbs so it must be working!) and have had 2 since, and today I was like "sh*t. I earned this. With regular cream cheese too, not the lite dammit!" It tasted great. I'm thinking I can't have anything too serious wrong with me if I'm still eating, plus the pain has become more focused (a possible sign of: appendicitis, ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, lord spare me all) so I'm going to go through the day and just deal with live, LOL. And get over myself. Though admittedly, I'm staying in this weekend with some old movies again. I feel like a bad penny in the luck department, so it might be safer not to go out, LOL.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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