Friday, February 08, 2008

Other People's Procrastination

Soooo yet again I have another group project to accomplish for school. I figured by the time a biology major was in grad school group work would be a thing of the past, but I have more at Tufts than I ever had a Smith! It's crazy! Maybe it's the teaching style? Not sure. Anyways, I like to nip group projects in the bud. Get in, get 'em done, get out, so I figured if I was to run class on Tuesday afternoon with my partner, we'd meet this afternoon or maybe tomorrow and get the slides finished, firm up our discussion angles, then forget about everything til Tuesday.

Oh heck no.

Instead I get an email saying that the only time my partner has free is "9am-12pm Monday." This girl doesn't work, what the hell is she doing this weekend? I was irritated by this response at first, I won't lie, probably because of the week ahead which includes a visit to the dentist, the ophthalmologist, a conference call and a big deadline, as well as the schoolwork bit, then going to NYC on Saturday. Craziness! I finally concluded that I'd just have to meet with her on Monday, and would be required to burn a personal day because I had to go to the eye doctor's anyway. Whatev. So the irritation persisted until it dawned on me - because I'm running the discussion on Tuesday, I don't have to write a paper for class, and I've already done the reading. Which leaves me with the reading and paper for Thursday's class (always a pleasure because it's AWESOME -developing sustainable sexy) and some studying for a test on February 19th (because we must plan) I sat at my desk for a minute mulling this over, then wanted to do a backflip. Why? For the first time in forever, during a weekend, I will have FREE TIME!!!!!!!!


WHAT TO DO?!!?!????!?!?!??!?!?!!!!!

Naturally the list is long, and I know I won't be able to do half the stuff on it, but the possibility is sooo seductive right now. One thing that must be done and cannot be avoided is a major cleaning of my room. On the surface it's much more organized than normal, but deep down, it's kind of gross. Dusty and such. Plus the bird cages needed to be sterilized practically. Oh - did I mention that Lucy's brush with death is over? Yeah! I practically had her little birdie memorial written for this blog, but she decided to live and has been back to her mischievous and destructive ways for a week and a half now. I know she won't live as long as my other birds because she still has fatty tumors, but they've regressed a bit for the time being and I couldn't be more delighted because watching her suffer was so sad. I've been looking at some ways to help with the tumors and hopefully we'll be working on those from now on (mandatory outside the cage playtime, for one. which makes me nervous because Lucy overdoes everything. For example, when I let her out of her cage, she doesn't just hang out like Lily, she does like, a zillion suicidal loops around the room then hits a wall, falls, gets up, and flies up to a curtain road out of reach and mocks me. Not cool.) So yes, clean up it is, followed by some filing and taxes, of course. Then I think I'll update my flickr account. Miraculously I am keeping up with the 365 day challenge 100%, I'm just a month behind on flickr! Then I have to be sure to send the results of this year's Focus on Feeders (a little backyard bird count, super fun) to Mass Audubon. There'll be laundry and exercise too. I still think this might leave me with almost a whole Sunday free. I'm giddy thinking about it. I'll have to finish the wee sweater I'm making for Jam's coworker's baby (a couple years ago everyone was having boys, now I'm inundated with girls!) and I think starting wedding gifts may be in order too. I've designed two wedding cross stitch samplers that will be pillows when they're finished. They're probably going to be two of the most amazing things I've ever cross stitched and I'm pleased about this because they're for really special people :) yay! Also, a certain person told me that if I spend all this time making her bday gift and don' t focus on school and/or make myself ill doing it she will be really mad. Tee hee, EE you can't get mad if I use an unexpected bonus free day to get started, can you?

Sigh. I've really rambled in this post, forgive me. I just haven't felt carefree in a long while. I kind of love it. It's ironic too, cause I still have a crapload of school stuff too!!

Oh, and an update. I'm also very happy because I've now heard from all three of my Kenyan friends who are no longer on staff at the study abroad program. I knew the staffers were safe, but worried a great deal about Maraka, Mboya and Salaash. Maraka was the one person I hadn't heard from, but out of everyone, he's actually the one I'd worry about the least. Ahem, this is Maraka:
Ok no, he doesn't normally pack an AK-47. Usually he is more like this:
Which is still somewhat intimidating. Basically he is this hulking Turkana man who doesn't take bullsh*t. So I wouldn't mess with him, but given Kenya's tenuous state, it seemed no one was safe. Naturally it was a relief to hear from him, and he actually didn't ask me for money, LOL, not like the other two! Ah well, what can you do? Maraka is the only one that has a steady job, but he told me he had to move his family out closer to him because they were in Northern Kenya, where the status quo is generally dodgy, not counting election strife. He also has to send his nephews to school. I feel bad for him because like the 60% of the population that's employed (unemployment in Kenya, last I checked was around 40% could be worse now) he has these immense responsibilities which include supporting the rest of his family. He tells me this is why he hasn't married......although sometimes I wonder what he's holding out for, because his email said "call me any time love, maraka" rrrrrrright. LOL. Luckily this does not threaten Jamaal. Perhaps the 7,180.5 miles between here and Kenya helps, LOL. My point: my "people" (yes I think of them as my people) are safe. Thank goodness.

Well I've rambled on enough. I think I might check and see if my boss is around. Maybe sneak out early. There's a new palm pilot waiting for me at home, just wanting to organize my life. yay!

Happy weekend all.

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