Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hell Piss Boring

Work is killing my soul today. KILLING.SOUL.MY. UGH!

It's probably because everyone was in a foul mood and not speaking. Clearly I missed something while at class yesterday. Weird. I mean, I don't really care. I'm sure at least one of my coworker's wants me to care and ask about it. I've got other fish to fry, though, b*tches!

Hmm. So the highlight of my day has been Rachel sending me a dinosaur cartoon. That and having Jamaal demand an MS Paint depiction of someone, which was rather hilarious. Other than that it's been a drag. I called the optometrist 3 times and got all pissy that he didn't pick up, thinking as I listened to his voicemail a 3rd time "jerk, you're only closed on Wednesdays.....wait a sec....Oh." I felt *dumb*

What else what else.

Well. Today is an exciting week because I have no school on Thursday. Hooray! I am hoping to get some serious work done because then I could do fun things over the weekend! I'm not sure what, but I do have a Red Sox Knitting swap to see to, two wedding gifts and a birthday quilt I should be working on. There's always crafting. Though my true secret desire is to watch movies. All weekend. How lazy is that??!

Oh yes - so I was right about the vag-fearing professor. I am starting to believe he hates more than the word "vagina" it seems he dislikes most of those who possess one, me in particular. I got my email to him read aloud in class (the one where I said that WD Hamilton was a genius but perhaps crazy since his last wishes were to have his body brought to Brazil, laid out in the forest in such a way that it would serve as fodder for the dung beetles of the Amazon) then was told that my calling Hamilton crazy was incredibly offensive because without Hamilton we wouldn't have xyz theories, blah blah blah blah. He was on a roll so I interrupted him. He may not like me, but dammit, he will listen to my defense. I said "Oh you misunderstood my email (which btw was like, two sentences!) completely, I was not referring to WD Hamilton as a whole when I called him crazy, nor was I arguing the fact that he was a genius, because clearly, he is. Instead, I was suggesting that the way in which he wanted his body disposed was a little unusual and I couldn't personally decide if that was really cool of him, or crazy, which is why I concluded my email with "it's something to think about." He just sat there and shook his head back and forth like I was wrong. ABOUT MY OWN DAMN OPINION!! Ugh, this guy is such a d*ckhead! My God! Then he proceeded to call me "you" throughout the whole class while he referred to everyone by name. And there are 10 of us in the class, so it's not like he doesn't know my name. Never have I encountered anyone quite so offensive or disrespectful, though my stats prof from Smith comes close, though at least she wasn't a misogynistic bastard, you know? I mean this guy pissed me off with his blatant sexist teaching methods last semester, but I thought "hey, Al, you're being a bit sensitive, why don't you give this guy another chance?" hence the Hamilton joke....

You wanna know something secret though? It's kind of satisfying knowing he spent a good chunk of the weekend stressing about my email (so he says. He lies though.) I hope he did. I hope it bugs him to see me in class staring at him. Tee hee. I hope I can find him when I'm accepting my diploma. I might wink at him. Because now I'm so past the anger stage where I would've wanted to flip him off, or burn the book that he edited (which he handed out to us for free in class yesterday. Oh, be still my heart, Phil, you shouldn't have). Ha. Jerkstore. NEVER MESS WITH A SMITHIE! GRRR! Ok, well at the very least, don't be a sexist prick. We don't like that, and it will come back to bite you in the ass. He'll get bit. He will. Hmm. Or maybe his bees will all turn on him at once? That would be even worse, though almost poetic.

Sigh. I should get back to work. Look at me here, wishing bad things on people!!! I was going to give up bad thoughts for Lent too. Too late. Eh well.

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