Friday, November 10, 2006

semper paratis is our guide

i don't know what just made me think of the first line of the US Coast Guard song, but I did, and there is is in honor of Veteran's Day.

As a way of thanking our veterans for fighting for our freedom many times throughout the centuries of American history, I am exercising my right to shop all weekend. I don't say this lightly, either, I am very serious about remembering the veterans while I shop - if it weren't for them I might not have to shop or have the right to shop because I'd be wearing a burqua all day. For real.

So I am heading up to New Hampshire for the weekend and am very excited about it, mostly because we're making the nearly 3-hour journey in my sister's new Camry which is hawt. Ridiculously hawt.

We're also going to make two crafty stops along the way: The Elegant Ewe, a great yarn shop in Concord, where I have vowed to behave and buy only yarn I need. Note my very loose use of the word "need." Next, we'll make our way up to Meredith to make a visit to Hunter's Needlework. It's a cozy old cross stitch/needlepoint shop complete with two furry kitties that lounge in the storefront. I would love to get some little Christmasy trinkets, but we'll have to see what catches my fancy. I love the place so much that I always make a purchase there, even if it's small.

Then we're going to go to one of my favorite restaurants of all time, The Common Man in Ashland. There are several Common Mans, but the Ashland one is the family favorite. Its so cozy in the winter, complete with fireplace and menu items such as hot toddies and french onion soup. Of course, we're having an unseasonable warm weekend and will probably want ice tea and chicken salad by the time we get up there ;)

I'm bringing the computer up there, but will probably not have internet access, so I'm going mobile with my blog - my posts won't appear hear until I transfer them, cause I can't retrieve mobile blog posts with the beta verson of blogger. I will post the alternate address here, then transfer the posts over on Sunday, so as not to break NaBloPoMo!


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