Monday, November 06, 2006

Jesus loves me this I know....

for he sent me a good dream* to compensate for the dreadful and heart-wrenching loss of the Patriots to the Colts last night, despite my humble and pleading prayers said at church, a place I hadn't visited in months....

So yeah, the Pats lost last night. Damn, I was disappointed, but I'm not gonna hate on Brady and I'm not gonna ramble on like everyone else in this city/state/region about how the Patriots "suck" blah blah blah. They lost only their second game of the season. It's early still. And though we gave Manning the satisfaction of winning on our turf, when he looks to the end zone and sees those three Superbowl Banners waving gently in the night breeze, it must go right up his pansy ass - and I love that.

While we all know that in football, every game counts, I am not ready to panic about this one. If the Pats were 9-5 for the season and going in to play the Colts for one last stab at a playoff berth maybe I'd be hyperventilating in my office chair right now as I read the stats of last night's game, but frankly, I'm not too worried. Why?

-Brady was hyped last night and let himself get a little wild. Think about it - you'd do it too if you had a 6-2 record and had a chance to beat the Colts. In Brady's wildness he got a little too excited and threw some crazy shit, which was picked off by the Colts. Brady's not sitting in his Marina Bay townhouse right now, watching the film and scratching his ass saying "what did I do wrong, I don't get it." He knows what he did, and because he's smart and HOT (ok that has nothing to do with it, but I had to throw it in there) he'll fix it and we'll move on.

-Maroney and Dillon. Ok fine, whatev, Dillon fumbled. It's not in his nature to fumble, and it made him angry. After that happened, I noticed Dillon and Maroney hanging on to the ball for dear life. Lesson learned. These guys are really great, and I think Dillon finds Maroney a slight threat to his position, so when Dillon's on the field, he goes all out - since Maroney's found the light, I think Dillon's improved, which is great.

-Our offensive line played very well last night. We got a few great sacks defensively, but Tom Brady always had plenty of time to throw the ball. I think the players in our offensive line are the unsung heroes of most of our games. I'm not sure any other QB in the league has as much protection as Brady.

-Which brings me to the defense. Asante Samuel (please teach the commentators to stop calling you "A-san-tee" Asante, it's sounds like they're referring to some sort of Port-a-john) has found his niche on the field and had some great plays. Seau is loving playing for us, probably because he gets to be on the field with Bruschi, who I think is still giddy from having a near-death experience and still being badass enough to rehab and come back to the Patriots. I love watching Seau and Bruschi on the field because you can see them set up some great blocks, but you also see their hunger for the sack. It's awesome.

-Our little rookie kicker - sure Gostowski (so the "t" is silent and not the first "s"? eh?) missed an easy fg in the 30's, but he kicked the 49 yarder. While this show inconsistency, it also shows pure ability. I don't think the 49 yarder was luck because it was strong to the end and shifted only a little to the right. This kid isn't Adam yet, but after seeing the look on Vinatieri's face when Gostowski kicked the 49 yarder, you could tell he was thinking "this kid is gonna be me one day." Yeah.

- Regardless of their win, I got to see Peyton's Pout so many times last night, they may as well have lost. I love it when he yells at his own teammates and puts on a face about botched plays or being sacked. Pissing him off is almost more fun than beating him! Plus what it says to me and what it says to the rest of America is "I am not a team player." Brady just isn't like that. When someone misses the ball he says stuff like "I could've thrown it to you better." Peyton swears at people who miss the ball. Cause he's a jerkstore.

And in the end, the only stat that really matters is the Superbowl ring stat. Sure Manning might throw more passes, cover more yards, be sacked less, throw less interceptions, make more td completions. His rating might be higher, he might be undefeated, and he might have more points under his belt than our beloved Tom Brady. But tell me, Peyton, how many Superbowl rings do you have? Oh? Did I hear you say none? Yeah, that's what I thought. Heh heh heh.

And that is my Monday morning seeing the glass half full post :)

*ooooh the dream! I was in South Africa (yup, at the hotel where the watering hole camera is located. I've been watching it too much, clearly) and I got in the shower. I had to refill the soap dispenser, so my back is turned and I'm filling it. I turn around and there is Patrick Dempsey. NAKED. IN THE SHOWER! Now I like Patrick Dempsey as much as the next girl (he's McDreamy after all) but seriously, he'd not be my number 2 choice for sharing a shower (Jam is obviously my number 1!!!!) Actually, I'm not sure who my 2 choice would be, but I don't think it'd be him. That being said, I'm not about to complain about that dream. It was pleasant, to say the very least ;)

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Excalibur said...

You could be a commentator. Ha, ha, I'm sure you'd get hate mail from Indianapolis.

I'm sure they'd give you the privilege of interviewing the brothers Manning too, or if you were lucky Archie.

For the Bible tells me sooooo