Thursday, November 30, 2006



NaBloPoMo is officially over in about 22 minutes. It's been fun posting every day - perhaps because it's human instinct to enjoy talking about ourselves, or maybe it was just because I felt like I had an outlet, or even just to get some creative juices flowing. Or maybe even all of the above.

Anyways it's been fun. I'm not sure I'll be able to come up with a post every day, but NaBloPoMo has defintely encouraged me to try and write more, to visit random people's blogs and to NOT fear the comment! Some new people commented on my blog and made me feel great - I then realized that commenting is not creepy or stalkerish (I thought at first that it was!) and actually I loved knowing that people were reading, because without comments, you just have no idea!

So here's to you NaBloPoMo! I'd raise to you one of the Captain Morgan nips I have stashed in my desk drawer, but alas, the killer heartburn from the sausage and meatball arabiatta is rearing its ugly head thus preventing me from consuming liquor, but CHEERS nonetheless!

Tomorrow: the post wherein I complain about my itchy boobs. No lie.


elizabeth said...

You need a SITEMETER! Then you will know who is visiting your blog, how often, and where they live! It's free--I have a button for it on my blog.

And let me tell you, when you start getting those monthly reports in your email letting you know how increasingly popular you are, due to your posting as joyously frequently as this November, IT FEELS GOOD!!!

<3 E

Al said...

hahhaahhaha ok!