Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I wish more states were green

Soo it's Election Day, God spare us all. While talking to Jam last night I went on an extensive and disillusioned rant about my hatred of all politicians in America. I'll spare you the details but basically I said "Democrats, Republicans doesn't matter, all the politicians in this country care about it money and self-advancement, no one cares about us and we're going to hell."

Well I got to thinking that in spite of all the bullsh*t that's happening, I should be grateful about Election Day for several reasons.

And here are the Top Ten Reasons to be Grateful It's Election Day in Massachusetts (serious first):

10. We could live in the Congo: "The men battling for Congo's presidency in Sunday's run-off vote have much in common - both are relatively young, were educated abroad and owe their position largely to influential fathers. To the dismay of diplomats and peacekeepers trying to ensure peaceful elections, both retain sizeable private armies, leading some local papers to describe the historic poll as a choice between "plague or cholera", with neither promising the new peaceful era that so many Congolese crave." (allafrica.com) eeek.

9. We could live in Somalia, where there was no government for 16 years:

Driving 50km (30 miles) from one of the airstrips near the capital, Mogadishu, to the city, you pass seven checkpoints, each run by a different miltia

At each of these "border crossings" all passenger vehicles and goods lorries must pay an "entry fee", ranging from $3 - $300, depending on the value of the goods being carried - and what the militiamen think they can get away withThere is no pretence that any of this money goes on public services, such as health, education or roads.Much of it is spent by the militiamen on khat, an addictive stimulant, whose green leaves they can chew for hours on end. (bbcnews.com)

8. We could live in Saudi Arabia, where despite the fact that no explicit laws forbit it, women are not, as a rule, allowed to vote. It's our duty as women in the US to show the world that June 4, 1919 happened for a reason.

7. At least we can speak out against our candidates: Eritrea allows no independent media and uses draft evasion as a pretext to crack down on any dissent, spoken or otherwise. One of the poorest and smallest nations in Africa, Eritrea is now the largest prison for journalists; since 2001, fourteen journalists have been imprisoned in unknown places without a trial.Sudan, Libya, and Equatorial Guinea also have repressive laws and practices. In addition, many state radio stations (which are the primary source of news for illiterate people) are under tight control and programs, especially talk shows providing a forum to complain about the government, are often censored. (wikipedia)

6. The campaign smear ads will finally stop.

5. Look on the bright side, in a state where the gays are allowed to marry (said lovingly, btw, love the gays, LOVE THEM) even those most conservative republican is liberal compared to the conservative candidates in other parts of the country....

4. We still use the scantron/number 2 pencil method. No chads here!

3. One way or another, we're gonna make state history today by electing either the first elected female governor or the first black governor, which is pretty cool. I like that, even if I don't have 100% faith in either candidate.

2. It's the one day it's cool to use political words like "gubernatorial"

1. I can stop worrying about the governor stepping out of the state house on a windy day and mussing his hair, or being blinded by his smile

Below I present to you my artisitc rendition of the gubernatorial race in this state, and what it's been like for the common folk:

Here, Healy and Patrick have skipped guns and missiles and have gone directly to lasers. Since they're the only two engaged in real combat, we have Ross hurling ineffective insults at them, but from a flowery meadow with posies and rainbows and shit. Cause she's that type of person. Meanwhile, Mihos plays with matches and sets stuff on fire. How can he do this? Because NO ONE (serious) is paying attention to him. Sigh.

God Bless the Commonwealth indeed. We need it!

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