Friday, November 17, 2006


Normally I would be all pissy that the Prudential Center is already decorated for Christmas, Starbucks has its "Holiday Blend" on display, and the TV at the nail place was advertising the Boston Ballet's Nutcracker, all before Thanksgiving..............but I'm not!

This year I am really in the holiday spirit. I'm not sure why any more than any other year previous really. I suppose two years ago, I still didn't have a full time job and that was pretty stressful, and last year, I was signing my soul away to my credit card company to pay for my trip to Africa, and while worth it, the planning that had to go into that trip the month of December was positively exhausting. This year nothing is rushed or frantic - well school is, but I really see the arrival of the holidays as a release from school and stress and a time to celebrate.

I also think the ornament swap really helped me get in the mood - I was in such a funk the day I signed up for that, it seems that it was definitely the right thing to do.

Today, after getting a pedicure and chillaxin' with my sister, we headed to the Prudential Center to get our cousin a birthday present (gift card to Sephora, that lucky girl!) and on my way by Barnes and Noble, I snuck in to try and find the sewing magazine featuring a Hillary Lang ornament. Because I have slight BRAIN DAMAGE I totally forgot the name of the magazine she mentioned on her blog ("Cutting Edge", idiot!). I desperately searched through the craft section to no avail. It might not have been there but it probably was right in front of my face. I'll have to pick it up later....what I did buy, besides the People magazine featuring George Clooney (mmmm) that I spotted my sister for, were two Martha Stewart Living mags, the December issue and.....wait.....wait......the HOMEMADE HOLIDAY ISSUE!! I haven't even looked at it yet because I hadn't read the November issue, but I can't wait to crack it open. I have my holiday crafts planned already but you never know when something's gonna pop out! YAY!

Anyways, I am going to go put pants on (yup, blogging in my underwear. hey, at least my fly isn't down!) and pick up my 29-year old unlicensed therefore taking the bus from NYC but loveable nonetheless boyfriend, UNO's Menu in hand, because that's his way :) Tomorrow I'm gonna try to get him to parallel park on a dime and take him out driving just so he can have a bit of practice - it's not that he can't drive, he has assured me many times he's quite capable, but he doesn't have the opportunity to drive that often, and I am hoping he's gonna get that license soon, so high school parking lot, here we come!!

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