Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'd rather be kayaking

I was recently browsing through my sister's flickr page and came across a photo of me in one of our family kayaks. It made me laugh because I thought it really captured how I feel about kayaking and why I love it so much:

I really had no kayaking experience until several years ago. I can't remember the first time I sat in a kayak - I think it might have been the time our neighbors up the lake let us borrow theirs to try them out. Whether it was there or on the pond at my college, I was addicted after the first paddlestroke. I am obsessed with kayaking, and wish I had my own kayak and could go every single weekend. I can imagine myself as a biologist, literally living in a kayak everyday as I paddled through a particular area I was working with, taking plant samples, photographing wildlife, looking for birds and their nests. Just thinking about that type of thing fills me with a warm glowy feeling and almost, just ALMOST makes spending my entire Sunday afternoon studying genetics worth it.

Unlike my previous posts which Jam says I have "put my heart and soul into" I am keeping this brief so that I may master RNA and protein synthesis before the momentous Colts/Patriots game at 8:15 this evening, because I want to see it live when hot Tom crushes Peyton the tool :)

photos courtesy of Amy :)

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Melissa said...

I've just started kayaking in a very casual way. I think it could become something I really enjoy.