Thursday, November 09, 2006


Somewhere between Monday and Tuesday, I lost my work ID badge.

Personally, I have a theory about where, when and how it happened.

Monday night I got home around 6:30 after doing a million errands. I promptly sorted my laundry (I had 5 loads to do, got through 3, not bad, plus avoided having to go to the laundromat) and then got to cleaning my room. I am 99% sure I remember transferring my ID and all important school stuff from my brown purse to my black purse.

Tuesday, of course, I sleep late, and rush to get out of the house. I make it to Braintree in time to get a parking space, by some miracle of god, and sit contentedly knitting, or trying to, because I kept having to rip stuff out. The train starts filling up at the Quincy stops, and finally at one of the last Quincy stops a woman, and forgive me for being insensitive, who should not have tried to shove herself in the space between me and the person one seat away, went ahead and did it anyways. My purse, which had been sitting on my lap, upended and the contents shifted and spilled. What really irked me is that she didn't say excuse me or sorry, she just sighed and shifted her shoulders back and forth until she had wedged herself in and then proceeded to read her romance novel. I gathered up my scattered things, shifted my purse and continued to knit.

After I transferred to the green line, I slid my hand into my bag and fished around for my ID. Nothing. I figured that it was hidden in some crevice of my oversized bag and that I just needed good light to find it. After disembarking, I decided to cut through the grounds of Harvard Medical School to get to work, not only because they are clean and peaceful, but because that would give me the best view of MedFlight's BK-117 helicopter that had just landed on top of a nearby hospital, which I think is pretty much the MOST BADASS thing I get to see while at/near work, helicopters landing on buildings. While the pilot was shutting the engine down, I paused near a marble railing and took my purse apart piece by piece. NO LUCK.

Unlike my past job where they practically scanned your retina and fingerprints to get into the buildign, no one was too upset at the hospital, but of course, they do see me everyday, multiple times a day. I breezed into work without incident, but I brooded about the location of my ID all day. Did I lose it when that lady bumped me? What about while I was at school? Did it fall out of my bag? What about on the bus? Is it in my laundry bag? WHERE IS IT?!

After two days of calling the green line, the red line, the bus line, school and the lost and found at work, I accepted my defeat and hauled my ass over to central services and paid the $10 to replace it. Sometimes paying the cash is just easier than the aggravation. The process was easy too. I figured I have to sit for a new picture and everything, but the woman in charge of ID's goes on the computer, finds your old badge and reprints it. This is good because I liked my old picture. My punishment is, however, the complete distortion of my face. In my new ID, my face has been widened in an unflattering way. Oh well, I guess that's what irresponsibility gets you....A DISTORTED FACE!

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