Wednesday, November 28, 2007

28 November

Amazingness from Australia

My scarf is here! I received a beautiful and warm scarf from Christine, as well as a fabulous box of goodies. The scarf is made from handpainted merino wool that is so incredibly soft, I can hardly believe its wool, plus Christine used the knitty pattern Argosy, impressive to me because I've tried it before but it never really looked good, not as pretty as this at least! I also received some beautiful plum-colored yarn that will complement the scarf nicely, some Australian animal-themed chocolate, an issue of Yarn magazine, an issue of Australian Country Style (woohoo!), a little mini koala and koala pad of paper (so cute) and a very helpful postcard with an arrow pointing to Christine's house, which helped out with geography. Oooh yes and chocolate-covered coffee beans which are nearly gone :) Thank you again, Christine, it was such a pleasure taking part in this swap and having you as a secret pal!

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