Thursday, November 15, 2007

15 November


I broke NaBloPoMo! Eek.
I seriously forgot last night. And was going to throw up this bullsh*t post last minute, til I noticed it was 12:07. Ah well too late.

Moving on.

I have just a brief post, a COWORKER POST! Yes I still work with mostly the same people, LOL, I just let them get on my nerves less, hahahah.

So my coworker is calling her entire family and anyone else who cares that her niece started crawling last night. Now if I had a niece and she crawled for the first time, obviously I would be elated and most likely brag about it. What makes me laugh is that this coworker is calling people and saying "She crawled last night. She's 3 months, she's NOT supposed to be crawling yet."
I want to ask her if she honestly thinks babies come with a guide/instruction manual with a chart of what they're supposed to do when and they automatically do it. "No crawling til over 3 months." Wha?? Babies do what they want to do whenever the hell they want to do it. If they're 3 months old and the spirit moves them to crawl, they're just gonna crawl. They can't reason - THEY'RE BABIES. Then my other coworker launched into this big long thing about how early crawlers tended to be smarter children and that the ones that didn't crawl on schedule were developmentally delayed. Jesus. Maybe this is what's wrong with America, we're overanalyzing everything and it's mom and it's pet dog. Give it a REST. It's one thing if your kid is seriously behind schedule but if they baby is crawling at 3 months, let it go. Heck, celebrate it, maybe she'll be walking early and you won't have to carry her as much. Goodness, the baby drama is out of control.

Maybe I am being insensitive to the plight of new mothers right now. Hmmm. Must be all the toys I played with as a kid that contained lead. And the dirt my parents allowed me to eat. It's gone to me braaaaainnnnnnnnn. :P

Amy, Mother and Me: A Refined Family Portrait ca 1985

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