Saturday, November 03, 2007

3 November

Amy Winehouse

Soooo I know Amy is a hot mess and all, but I love her album. I don't always understand what she's saying but I love the songs. I even choreographed a pole dance in my head to one (note: I am a bad dancer and have never done a pole dance, nor had the opportunity to pole dance, nor probably ever WILL pole dance, but I have a lot of ideas swimming around upstairs sooo on the green line one night, I choreographed a pole dance to "Wake Up Alone").

Anyways. Have you ever just made up words to a song when you didn't know what the artist was actually singing?? Of course you have, haven't we all? So while I love "Wake Up Alone" and "Back to Black" in particular, I just made up words where I couldn't understand Amy, and actually I thought some made some sense like instead of "my odds are stacked" I used to warble "my arms are stacked" I mean, there's nothing insensible about having well-toned arms, right?

Today at work I decided to look up some lyrics because there was one line in "Back to Black" that was driving me crazy because I really couldn't understand the lyrics and my substitute words weren't working. I used to say "I love Duff and you love Poe" I figured that Duff was some literary figure, much like Poe and part of the reason she and her lover had gone their separate ways were irreconcilable difference over fine literature. Seeking clarification, I go to some crazy lyrics site and after 6 billion popups read the real lyrics "I love puff and you love blow" Oh wow. "Ok" I thought, "we all know about the Winehouse rehab stints" Then I read the whole song. Harummmmmmmmm. Now I am no prude, let me promise you (I CHOREOGRAPHED A MENTAL POLE DANCE) but let's just leave at this: I was better off not knowing the truth in my happy little world LOL. Let's face it "He left no time for regret, In his big way, In his same old safe bet" was a weee bit more charming than "He left no time for regret, Kept his d*ck wet, In his same old safe bet"
I guess she's not really going for charm, ha ha. I still dig her though. I know she was totally worried about that too LOL.

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