Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13 November


Last year around this time I participated in Cake & Pie and Freshlyblended's Ornament Swap. I had never participated in a swap, stumbled across the First Annual Ornament Swap's page accidentally and signed up last minute. I was kind of apprehensive about the whole swapping dealie, but it went quite well and I received some of the most beautiful and creative ornaments, making all of the hours I spent burning myself with a hot glue gun well worth it.

After that swap I learned that there are swaps going on all the time all over the internet. HOLY CRAP! It's like this totally cool and fun world that I've been missing! Of course I waited a long time before joining my second swap, the ISE 5 swap, which has honestly been a great experience....even though my SECRET PAL is keeping me is SUSPENSE (heellooooooo!) Though I can't say that I've exactly revealed myself to my pal either, LOL.

Anyways, there's not much secretive about the ornament swap, I've already received my swap list. I'm excited because this year it's a bit more "international" and my group in 40% non-US, with 2 Canadians (one of whom shares the same last name as my grandparents....actually her name is strangely close to my great-grandmother's...strange eh? Maybe we're related! LOL) and 2 ladies from the UK. Hurrah! Of course this puts on the pressure a wee bit because ornaments shipping internationally need to go out by December 10th, so I need to get cracking. I've had a couple of ideas thus far. One was to make felt lighthouses with beaded wreaths on the front door....but that wasn't so exciting. Then I thought about knitting something. I actually have a few leads there. You'd think someone who knows how to knit and sew and quilt and bead and scrapbook wouldn't FREAK OUT about a few ornaments but of course I am. I just can't make myself sick over it, LOL, and yes, I've already been yelled at once today about pushing too hard. Eh, I'm a slow learner I guess.

Well I think I'm going to bring this rambling post to a close. I've got a bit of paper to keep writing and then I'm going to bed. You know, rest and all ;) Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of Lily enjoying some of last year's fab ornaments on my mini-tree:

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