Sunday, November 11, 2007

11 November

Expedition Re-do

I found an internet connection at the condo!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!

So as I mentioned I broke down and went to the doctor's about my crap-ass illness. What I didn't mention was that we had to put our whole crafting expedition on hold because I wasn't feeling up to it. We planned to go to two cross stitch stores, a fabulous yarn store and a quilt shop. We made it only as far as the yarn store (the first stop) and all the excitement did me in, LOL. I told my sister that we should go to lunch then get up to the condo because I wasn't gonna make it to the other places. I did manage to buy four skeins of koigu though, two for a feather and fan scarf and two for a baby surprise jacket, which will probably not be given away to any baby in the near future but rather saved for one of the tan babies ;)

I am excited about our plans because there's not much I enjoy more than a scenic drive interrupted by occasional crafting stops. My sister and I really think of New Hampshire as our second home...well, the White Mountain and Lakes Region at least. Probably a lot of NH-ers would be irritated to hear "Massholes" say this, but honestly, our little cottage in New Hampshire is the only house we've consistently "lived in" our entire lives, having moved as kids. I've been coming up here since I've been about a month old...or less than I think, so I have a lot of NH love. Actually I think NH really appeals to my country sensibilities. Amy and I both agree that we would love to live up in NH. Not really in the backwoods per se, but the sort of rural-y parts of the Lakes Region or up near the White Mountains. I could not do this to poor Jamaal though, as the lack of any buildings about 3 stories would cause him to implode, LOL, in addition to the fact that strange people would feel friendly enough to talk to him about his grocery order, hahahahhha. Couldn't do that to him, poor man, he's heard enough about how I'm going to keep ducks and chickens at the house, I don't need to scare him by telling him I plan to move north!


Well I'm back from my crafting expedition, and honestly now that that's done, I am sooo ready to go back home. Not that I don't love being up here or my familias, because they're fabulous, it's just that there aren't enough seats here for everyone to sit comfortably! I bought a crazy creek chair yesterday at LL Bean so I could have a chair to sit in for crafting, but what I'm doing now wouldn't work in a crazy creek chair.

Anyways, the crafting expedition was a success I'd say. I was too overwhelmed at the beautiful quilting shop to buy anything, especially since I didn't have a project in mind - I've done my fabric shopping for the next two quilts on my plate and I wasn't ready to buy for the third because the pattern book I've ordered hasn't been delivered yet. It was lovely just to look around though, I've never been to a store with such an amazing selection. I wish I lived closer so I could take classes there! Maybe someday I'll spend a whole summer up at our cottage and be able to take our little outboard over to Center Harbor for a quilting class. How lovely would that be?

There was a little scrapbook store attached to the quilt shop and I did pick out some great papers. Of course I have no idea when I'll get to scrapbooking again - the last thing I remember scrapping was some event in 2005. This little bout with strep and illness has taught me to take better care of myself though, and I think I might need to take a little break after this semester is over and may look into taking Christmas week off. That would be primo scrapping time. Hopefully I'll get caught up to this summer - some of the paper I bought would be and ideal background for the loon pictures I took this summer.

Amy and I also went to Meredith, which is our home base in the summer. The marina at which we store our boat is located in Meredith, so it's the town with which we are most familiar - it just so happens that that's our mother's name as well, though she was Meredith long before our family came to know the town. We have a favorite needlework shop there called Hunter's. It's amazing to get such personalized service in a world that's becoming filled with impersonal, cold super-craft stores. I know a lot of people live in areas where stores like that are their only option for crafting supplies; AC Moore, Michael's and Jo-Ann's are the only craft places in our town, so when we get the opportunity to visit Hunter's we go and try to buy something to hold us over til our next visit (though I will say we have recently discovered a great online resource for cross stitching which is a small shop that happens to have a great online retail site, which Hunter's doesn't have yet). My sister bought a beautiful Christmas angel pattern that she's going to stitch on some amazing hand-dyed purple linen, while I bought a snowflake pattern by M Designs, which I'm going to stitch on some hand-dyed linen as well.

All in all it was a low key and relaxing day, just the type I enjoy. On the way home we enjoyed the mountains, already covered with snow. I'll have pictures to put up soon!

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