Wednesday, November 07, 2007

7 November

It's Never Enough

Well today I met with my adviser to see if I would really be done with my master's in May. The answer was "um. Yeah I think. But send me your completed degree form so we can be sure." Basically this means "yes" but we're gonna double check on that in a couple of weeks. I don't think the news has really settled in yet.

With graduation comes the need to seek new employment. Ugh. I hate that whole process. I mean it's exciting and all (ok just typed sexciting, where is my mind today!??!?!) but the whole cover letter resume interview thing is a bit of a drag. Plus I've never done the "look for new job while currently employed full time" deal. In the past I've always looked for jobs while employed temporarily on a project with a finite end. There's something a bit awkward about this. It's sort of like the part in the movie "Knocked Up" where Katherine Heigl's character is seven months pregnant and she hasn't told her boss yet, and he calls her in his office and is like "I know you're PREGNANT!" Sort of like that only instead of growing another person, I've been growing a degree and it's about to pop and we all know it's inevitable, yet I haven't told my boss and she hasn't brought it up with me.

Ok that whole metaphor was kind of gross. EW.

So in talking to my adviser about jobs and such he directed me to a number of great conservation groups. He also mentioned that I should be job hunting RIGHT NOW. I thought I'd take a look today and maybe find some leads. When I graduated with my BA I looked at conservation groups, most jobs required a master's degree, so I thought when I sat down today I'd have some hits.


All the jobs I've seen today are entry level or require a PhD. WTF? And you know what? If I went and got a PhD, they'd probably invent a higher degree, just so I would either have to spend more money for more school or be trapped forever in a thankless job sitting in front of a brain sucking computer!!!!!

The silver lining at the moment is that I am gainfully employed at a wonderful organization, which means I don't have to stress about where exactly underneath Storrow Drive I should be building my cardboard box house. Sweet.

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