Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 November

Antibiotics are next to godliness

So i`ve been dragging my ass these past few days feeling quite wretched and broken down. I knew I had to go and see my doctor but was hoping to hold out til after our family trip to NH (where I am now and phone blogging!)

When Friday rolled around I knew I couldn't afford to wait as I could neither talk nor swallow properly. My sister was a dear and delayed our departure to take me to the doctor. Though one throat culture was negative the np took one to send out and decided to treat me as if I had strep given my fever and symptoms. As she wrote out the scrip for a z-pak she warned me that it wouldn't work over night. Well I must've been damn sick because the overnight improvement I've experienced has been so overwhelming I might sleep with my z-pak tonight for good

Allison Crosby


Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. From your ISES5 pal.

Anonymous said...

ISES5?? Well, you know what I mean *lol*

Al said...

I know what you meant! Thanks! :)