Friday, November 02, 2007

2 November

Peek into my Life

So today's a pretty light day at work and I decided to get caught up on some stuff that I've been putting off in hopes of knocking it off my ever-expanding google docs to do list. (P to the S does anyone use google docs?? It's AWESOME)

So I called a fru-fru hotel in Boston to make a reservation for tea for the girls in my family in honor of grandma's 80th birthday. Then I decided to give my doctor's office a call. Sometimes the receptionists can be a bit cranky, so I braced myself for an somewhat unpleasant experience.

I dial. A woman whose voice could grind lava rocks in hell picks up. "HELLO?"

I go through the whole thing about how I would like a physical. "With pap?" she croaks. "Yes," I say meekly, flashing back to all the joyous times my doctor, Dr. Wood, has spent down in my crotch-al area making sure the goods are functioning. "January," the Voice says.

"Actually," I say, flipping through my planner, "I'm looking for something on a Monday or Wednesday after February 28th." This is so my insurance will cover the physical and gyno bits.

"Ohhhhh" says the voice, softening and brightening. "Well aren't you just so organized! Most people call here and want an appointment next week and look at you, you don't even want one til March!!!"

"I'm trying to be organized and plan ahead!" I say. Voice likes me now. I am like, the Voice's best new friend.

"You're our favorite caller today!" she exclaims. I get penciled in for March 3rd. We have a little chat about how I work at the cancer hospital, then we wish each other a good day and sign off.

I go to my google calendar, and flip to March 3rd where I write "Pop the Hood for Dr. Wood 9:30 AM." Ohh that's catchy. Maybe I'll get that put on a t-shirt.


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