Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Trend?

So I have some "All Time Favorite Books," books that I read over and over again usually once a year at least. For example, spring isn't spring if I don't reread Barbara Kingsolver's "Prodigal Summer." Everytime Alexander McCall Smith comes out with a new book in the Mma Ramotswe series, I reread the entire "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series so I can refresh my memory before reading the next one (given the waiting list for new books at my library and the length of my commute this is no great feat!). There are some books I just can't stop reading. I've read "Enemy Women" a bunch of time because I just adore the story, a sort of female version of "Cold Mountain" (another great one). I think "The Alchemist" will become a re-read for me too, I found it so inspirational. Of course "Mountains Beyond Mountains" will become my second bible as I start my quest to save the world.

While these books are all profound to me in their own ways, I started thinking about the books that touched me deep down in my soul. I ticked them off in my head:

The Poisonwood Bible (probably my favorite book of all time)
Snow Falling On Cedars
The Secret Life of Bees......

Then I though "Holy Crap......these books have a common theme.....BIRACIAL RELATIONSHIPS!!!! Whaaa?????" I will take this moment to point out that I read all of these books long before I met Jamaal and long before I went to Africa.....Maybe it's just plain and simple destiny or fate or something Jamaal, maybe God or whatever higher power is working up there (where is "there" exactly? hmm) was looking down at each of us studying our Mookie Wilson baseball cards and thought "These two were meant to be" (Though if God really did look down on us and think that it was a bit pervish of him/her since I would've been 4 and you 18...ok jk you would've been 9, but still!). Or maybe we just randomly met, liked each other and fell in looooooooooveeeeee. Eh, either way, I'm glad we found each other ;)

Tomorrow: A Post about Health In Harmony, and how it's saving the world ;D YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Secret Life of Bees, too!!!


Anonymous said...

wait, i lied...I have never read the secret life of bees. I was thinking of The Bee Season.
I am lame and also coming down from a maniacal cleaning spree.

Al said...

tee hee you're funny and not lame. I am lame for not be able to make it to your party :P booooooo to me

Anonymous said...

i got your rsvp and just havent gotten back to you yet. THANK YOU for letting me know, though!
Only one other person said yes so I'm thinking I just might not have it. I hope you have fun in NYC! You and the bf are welcome here anytime you are up in Maine again!

Al said...

Oooh careful, I'll hold you to that, Jam and I love Maine!