Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Father The Hero

State police descend upon Cardinal Cushing School

December 4- The Massachusetts State Police brought Santa Claus to campus by helicopter. Students and staff watched from the hill. Pictured here, Sgt. C. Afterwards, the State Police escorted the bus convoy into Boston for a Christmas party at the Garden.

Happy Birthday Dad!

(tee hee he looks freezing in this pic!)


Anonymous said...

ahhh look at cute he is!!! and he definitely does look frozen!
I used to work at that school...for about a year or so. I know the kids LOVED the helicopter dealy.
You guys doing anything exciting for the holiday?

Al said...

hey you!

I love the kids reaction to santa and the helicopter, though I know their favorite part is when the police stop traffic for them, ha ha. My dad is always like 'WE BROUGHT SANTA. ON A HELICOPTER!' when he gets the thank you notes that all say "the best part was when the police stopped traffic on the highway." Those kids are so sweet. Anyways, no big plans for Christmas, hanging out in Hanover. What about you??