Thursday, December 13, 2007

blah blah blah angsty free verse

The people on the conference call talk nothing but crappppppppppp!

The snow is falling outside my

I don't give a *bleep* about the protocol table

But I shall be driving in the blizzard

hahahahhaha well this amused me for 2 minutes. sigh. I can't believe we've been talking about a change in the protocol table for 14 minutes. stab my eyes with a spoon please.

I suppose since I haven't blogged for a week I should discuss something intense and real, like politics in America, issues in Pakistan and Sudan, global climate change, the health care crisis or why people can't leave Britney alone. Buuuutttttt I think I'd rather be bitter about the fact that my boss is at home. She left at noon, after telling me explicitly I could not leave because I had to be present on a conference call at 2pm. She's dialed into the call from home. From her cozy little house. Must be nice!

Normally I would not be this bitter or angry, in fact, I'd probably hardly care. I find navigating a large snow storm an adventure, about as ultimate fighter as "man v. nature" gets here in New England. Snow, I shall vanquish thee! Not today though, mostly because of what happened yesterday.

Yesterday my boss called me into her office because there was a stat of mine that was looking funky. I saw it and thought about it and I said "yeah, that stat would definitely be a little funky, but if you look at all my other stats for the quarter, you'd see that they're through the roof because I swapped my priorities. I will make this issue my new priority, this will not be a problem, and thank you for bringing this to my attention." My boss sat back in her chair and said "You know, it's one thing to slack off, but it's quite another to be caught at it." I sat there dumbfounded and eventually left her office without sticking up for myself, and I'm kicking myself for it now. I mean seriously, she's looking at one small aspect of my job!! Nevermind the fact that slacking and Allison don't go in the same sentence. I thought maybe I was slacking, maybe I was delusional or in denial til I casually mentioned it to my coworkers. They were horrified, mostly because they see me busting my ass to make my 40 hours each week and go to school and maintain a B average (requirement to stay in the program) hauling my laptop from home to school to work to maintain this frickin' project and I get called a slacker. Awesome.

Sigh. Then my boss informed me that she expects me to work here til I graduate. I don't have much of a choice to be honest, but if she thinks I'll wait to look for a new job til after graduation in May, she's the delusional one.

That being said
Off I go
Into the snow


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Your boss can suck it. Hard. You work like a freaking race horse on speed x 1000. You are seriously a freak of nature. I don't know how the freak you do it! YOU FREAK.

You could give your notice tomorrow and what could she do?? Oh wait......NOTHING. If you want to work till you graduate, that's perfectly cool and all, and I totally understand wanting to keep things good so you have a good reference, but she has ZERO control over whether you sit and work your ass off for her for even one more day.

So while you are a beautiful, magical, workaholic craftaholic, fantasticaholic freak of nature, she is a bonnified definitely not the good kind, more like the worstestestest kind of FREAKAY! Stupid freak.