Friday, December 07, 2007

Things I'm-a Lovin' Today

I really have nothing to write, so instead, I will make of list of things I'm liking today and not be an ornery whore like I was yesterday, heh heh heh.

Here goes:

Zazzle. Why? Because I made 3 sets of customized photo stamps yesterday. If you're reading this and you're on my "Holiday Card" list, you'll be seeing them. (Said like Oprah) *Looove it*

The Daily Coyote. Can't. Stop. Looking. Cuteness. Wildness. aasldkfjalsdkfdfja

These coasters. They're awesome, and I'm gonna make some. After I finish the 3,000 Christmas gifts I'm making.

Speaking of handmade, I love this too. I think it's great. I didn't personally take the pledge, cause I was like "dude, forget buying handmade, I'm making handmade....."

Ravelry. Obsessed.

These hats. I've made one and another is on the way for two special ladies I know. Of course not having kids and not having a concept of how large an 18-month old child's head actually is sizing is a shot in the dark. The bright side is that kids grow, so I only really had to focus on making the size correct or LARGER. And since the had fits around my head and is a little short, I'm thinking I'm in the clear.

G.A.P Adventures. We went with them to Costa Rica and the experience was *amazing* Now they've added some incredible trips, including one to space (as in "the final frontier") which frankly scares the shit out of me. I like the Africa ones they've added, particularly the South Africa ones, even though my bigoted coworker thinks that if Jamaal and I went there we'd be stoned to death because we're a biracial couple. Whatev, she's clearly jealous of Jam's hot bod, LOL.

The Paper Source. Kinda makes you want to roll around in embossing glitter, eh?

MEMORABLE WOMEN. I am going to knit a shawl with yarn named after the founder of my Alma Mater. I will be unstoppable!

This site, because frankly, I don't know what the hell to say on my "email of interest" and how to word a salary requirement into a document with some modicum of class

FREE RICE Why? Because there's finally an internet game site that does something good for someone else and I feel my IQ rising as I play.

Aaaand finally, what I promised to blog about a week ago, this organization with a world-changing vision. They're amazing, I hope we're going to have a long relationship.

I think that's all I'll bore you with for now. I have a rather large natural resource law paper waiting for me, and I'm going to go see to that before I start rambling about the importance of the Conservation Reserve Program in the '07 Farm Bill renewal. Heh. Fun times.

Have a good weekend everyone!

It's a Jungle Out There

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