Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Le Sigh

So I was supposed to post about this wonderful organization called "Health in Harmony" but once again I am dropping the ball in order to see to grad school things.

I'm writing this paper (big paper) on the US Farm Bill that's up for renewal. I've never worked on a paper so long and felt that it still had no direction and was somewhat crappy. Seriously! As an undergrad, I never got lower than a B+ on a paper (before you accuse me of being obnoxious about that, let me have my fun, I barely squeaked by to graduate with a 3.0 - I'm horrible at exams!!!) and most papers were written only a few nights before they were due, if not THE night they were due. I had this knack for working under pressure; I'd barricade myself in my room with a healthy supply of coke (the drink!), ramen, easy mac, doritos, and sour patch kids and get it DONE, even if I had to stay up all night. I tried doing that on Sunday, but had such guilt over eating an entire bag of caramel hershey kissed that whole candy/junk food idea sort of backfired. Then I decided that maybe I'd do a little at a time. I guess a little means "one paragraph at a time." yick. It's driving me crazy! I just want to get it done because the sooner I finish up the paper, the sooner I get cracking on my midterm, then the sooner I can do my holiday crafting (which is going a bit better than I ever expected I must say...

Anyways, for the time being, enjoy this amazing website and the gorgeous photographs.

Enjoy this picture too:

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