Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why You Gotta Hate?

What is up with people HATING on the Royal Wedding??

I get lukewarm feelings, I get indifference because we're Americans, sure, but some people I've encountered have super-violent reactions. Lighten up people, it's a wedding! A celebration of love! Yes, it's a multi-million dollar/pound celebration of love, but LIGHTEN UP, it's supposed to be fun for the rest of commoners to watch, judge, talk about Kate's dress, why she went with flowers in her hair instead of a tiara (or vice versa, as it remains to be seen), etc.

I say this as someone who does not plan to get up at 4AM to watch the beginning of wedding coverage. I'll DVR it and watch later, but after work on Friday I plan to enjoy checking out Kate's dress, what the queen is wearing, what kind of suit Will chose (I'm a newlywed, these things still entertain me. Oh, and I'm nosy lol). After all, the beauty of television coverage is that you have a choice - you can turn your tv on and watch the coverage, or you can watch something else, or not watch TV at all. OR you can go all out, you can get up at 4AM, watch the coverage, you can go to a viewing party at the asscrack of dawn in your fancy hat and sip mimosas.

Someone on facebook said "I'm not watching the Royal Wedding. Our forefathers fought a war with England so we wouldn't have to be subjected to things like this" (dramatic much?). My response is that yes, we're Americans, and most of us have 5 TVs in our houses and get 500 cable channels. We do have a choice about watching the wedding or not watching it. There's no need to get all riled up about it. Do it or don't. The end.

This American, however, is going to watch it with an adult beverage, fast forward through the dull bits, enjoy it, and will wish the newlyweds well...then it's back to normal for the rest of us!

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