Thursday, April 14, 2011


My birthday is on Saturday. Yay!

While I always buy myself something and tend to be waaay self-indulgent (last year I bought a clarisonic!) this year I want to give back a little too. So, though it is my "birthday weekend" I am hoping to get a lot accomplished.

1. I would like to put together a bunch of hygiene kits for my church

2. I would like to participate in Craft Hope's Project 12

3. I would like to make a quilt for Quilts for Quake survivors.

I'd consider that to be a really good way to celebrate my birthday/spend time.

Just so you don't think I'm a goody two shoes, I'd also like to

1. order a champagne cocktail at the Barker Tavern

2. get a mani/ped

3. buy a clarisonic replacement head, night lotion, lorac multiplex 3D lip gloss and some bumble and bumble products at Sephora

These things mean birthday glory....and I am all about birthday glory for my last birthday in my 20's. Let's GO!!!

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