Wednesday, April 20, 2011

As my sister would say: WHAT EVEN?

My coworker eats the same thing for lunch Oh except Fridays, when she gets chicken and lo mein at the Chinese place in the food court.

Every day she makes fun of the fact that I eat yogurt.

Why? Do I make fun of her Au Bon Pain salad that costs 11 bucks? Of which she only eats half and throws away the rest? NO. I don't.

I have made passive aggressive comments to try and get her to stop, like "wow, you're really concerned about my yogurt eating" but she doesn't get it. It's YoCrunch Greek, fruity and delicious with granola-y stuff on top. I eat it because 1. it's fairly healthy 2. I like it. So like, what is the issue?

I think I might start eating it for breakfast. And when she says something like "where's the yogurt?" I'll say "Oh, got sick of the comments, so now I eat it for breakfast when I'm alone in my office." SRSLY WTF?!


amy_c said...

What even for reals. I hate your nosy coworkers.

Elizabeth said...

Can't you set a boundary with her, Al? The next time she comments on your yogurt-eating try saying, "I'm sorry, co-worker, but it really bothers me when you comment on the food that I eat. Would you mind respectfully keeping your comments to yourself?" Just end the drama by being polite and straightforward. You can do it!

Love, E

Al said...

haha EE, while I totally think this would be the mature and adult thing to do, the repercussions would be INSANE, to the point where working together would be uncomfortable...which is why I'm eating my yogurt in the morning now, cause it doesn't matter that much to me. I hear you though, because that would be the normal way to handle things. *rolls eyes at ridiculousness of work situation*

YoCrunch said...

We are so happy to hear that you enjoy our yogurt!! Please visit our website for coupons!

The YoCrunch Team