Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Subway Etiquette

Great pictorial display of why we should stop being a$$holes on the train and give up our seats to pregnant ladies (well, and anyone needing a seat!)

I will say that I have offered my seat to pregnant ladies and ladies I suspected were pregnant. If you have any doubt about a woman being pregnant, err on the side of caution and offer up your seat. If a woman asks why you're offering it (though why anyone would ask is beyond me) say "you look like you've had a long day" or "just thought you would like to sit" - DO NOT SAY "Because you're pregnant, right?" Because let me tell you, it will make a non-pregnant lady feel kind of crappy about herself. Take it from a girl who knows. Luckily I have a sense of humor and usually say "yes, I know this parka makes me look pregnant, but I'm not! Thank you for being so kind as to offer me a seat though, that's really nice."

Actually, looking at this chart made me laugh because I fall into the category of the "alleyoops" aka standing people who have requested a seat on the pregnant person's behalf. I have only done this once, and I was intensely provoked. It was last summer on a packed red line train. A very obviously pregnant lady got on the train and proceeded take off her cardi and put her parcels on the floor. She looked hot and exhausted. The line of d-bag men seated in front of her either buried their head in their newspapers or stared at her gape-mouthed. A woman standing next to me muttered "can you believe it?" when no one stood to offer up their seat. I reached across 3 or 4 people, tapped the pregnant lady on the arm and said "Do you need to sit? Because I will tell someone to MOVE." The lady next to me chuckled. The pregnant lady looked slightly mortified and said "No, actually, I'm fine." I said "OK, but if at any point you want to sit, let me know. I will get someone to move." Now the men gaped at me...probably because they thought I was crazy. I probably looked crazy too. I noticed that when some seats freed up, the pregnant lady took the opposite end of the train. Heh. I didn't care though, I was so so angry. Don't even get me started about the time a blind man WITH A SEEING EYE DOG got on the train and no one offered up their seat. I was ready to start throwing things at people.

Wow, this post turned from "lookit this cool chart" to full-out ranty. Oops. In short, read and be amused but horrified at the chart, think of it when you're next on the subway, offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you do. I will do the same.

Thank you, PSA now over.

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