Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Thought

More about my spectacular birthday later...
for now, a thought:

I was reading my blogroll this morning and came across pictures of Easter egg dying. My inner self sighed. I just turned 29, kind of old to be dying Easter eggs....besides, what would I do with them? As I sat at my desk thinking "eat them on Easter morning, and oh, the egg salad, one of Jam's specialties..." dying eggs seemed like maybe not so foolish an idea. Then I imagined my grown self buying a box of Paas at the supermarket. Yeah, I use self-checkout, but wouldn't I feel silly, just a little bit?

Then I remembered - I have a wedding ring, and one of the many perks of being married, is that you get a ring to wear for the world to see, upon which they may base their many assumptions about your life.....and when I go to the store and buy things, "kid things" I let the world make those assumptions, however wrong they may be...I'm a married lady, buying her kids Halloween candy, toys for Christmas, or......stuff for Easter eggs :)

Yes, it's wrong....but it feels oh so right.....

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