Monday, November 01, 2010

I wasn't going to do it...but....

Now that we are coming down from the madness of wedding planning, I thought I'd sit and relax. "Slow down" our minister told us...well, me, specifically.

Not having the huge event that is a wedding hanging over my head is glorious. Jam asked me about the post-wedding blues over the weekend. Mainly because I was freaking out over my new haircut, and I think maybe he thought it was more post-wedding blues than anything else. Sadly, it really was about my haircut, and how it was not cute and curly and bouncy, like I hoped. Of course that was after air drying. Luckily it is adorable after serious time with the hair dryer. I guess I was hoping for something more fancy-free....but I digress.

Gloriousness of no wedding stuff - yeah, there's still wedding-related things that need to be done. I need to have my dress dry cleaned and preserved. I don't know why I'm doing this - OK well the dry cleaning makes sense, but the preserved thing? I don't even know if I'll have a daughter, and even if I do, she probably won't want to wear my dress. My tailor promised to make a christening gown out of it, and I can see the possibility of an heirloom christening gown more realistically than I see the possibility of an heirloom wedding gown. Plus my gown had a few customizations, like that fancy lace hem, and lots of beads and lace. Even if my daughter or daughter-in-law didn't want to wear my gown, maybe she'd want a piece of lace from it to wrap around her bouquet, or turn into a hair flower or veil? Maybe? Point is, I'm going to get it done.

We have thank you notes to write. About 100.

I have professional pics to email our venue for their blog. They came out so well! I am making weird faces in only about 5% of them, LOL:

We have to open a joint checking account and deposit wedding checks. Because guests are starting to wonder.....ooops!

Then there's the around the house stuff to do - we have decided to resurface the kitchen floor. I'm actually super-excited and simultaneously dreading this project. Why? Excited because the tile Jam picked is AWESOME. It will make our kitchen look super-classy and almost refined. It will flow nicely into the pantry, which Jam also resurfaced. Dreading because it is time-consuming, meticulous work. I'm a control freak. I don't want to be bossing my poor husband around while we do this, but he argues that because of sewing and quilting, I have the skills to cut and lay the tile evenly. I also don't want to let him down by laying crooked tile! I am sure this will work itself out. Besides assembling IKEA furniture, this will be our first big home improvement task together. YIKES!

There's the holiday stuff.
I have this insane list. It makes me giddy to think about staying in the house as it snows, cozied up with our radiators hissing, drinking some cocoa and crafting the sh*t out of every spare moment of my week and weekend. But then I think "NO I am falling into the vortex of holiday overplanning! I am planning on making everyone a handcrafted gift and have set myself up for ultimate failure! OH NOES!"
Right now though, it's November 1st. And I'm still optimistic, even though I'm already kind of in the vortex.

Firstly, I signed up for freshlyblended's ornament swap. I wasn't going to do it this year, even though I had been a participant from the get go. I found swap-bot really freakin' irritating. It seemed to attract flakers more-so than the old swap method, which was signing up via email. I felt like my signature ornaments had had their day in the sun and everyone was so over them:

and whenever I considered making something new, I was uninspired. I put the swap out of my mind.....until I read freshlyblended's post about getting off swap-bot, going back to the old way, etc. I got all nostalgic for some mini mittens. I found yarn. I felt inspired. Today I signed up.
It's a sickness, lol.

Tomorrow, I plot out the rest of my holiday crafts. Let...the...madness.......BEGIN!!!!!!!!

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