Saturday, November 06, 2010


1. Pick up car with new brakes. No longer worry about being unable to stop.

2. Church fair. Three crochet-top hand towels (stop using paper towels to dry hands, save paper, environment, etc), one Christmas cactus, one clivia plant, one pumpkin bread, one apple walnut bread, and the last straw-barb jelly from our canning/jarring dive = $36

3. Visit friend whose husband died. Cry, talk for a long time, laugh a lot.

4. Get Dunkin Donuts for me and hubs

5. 2 hour nap

6. Movies and knitting

7. Walk down the hill and get subs for dinner

8. Netflix and more knitting

9. Raspberry Stoli, straight up double on the rocks

Full day. Maybe the not the most exciting day ever, but full and as good as it could be. I'll sleep well tonight.

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