Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Post

Oh noes! I failed "NaBloPoMo" by completely failing to post on Saturday.
I actually totally forgot.
Here are some photo highlights of the weekend to compensate (instead of my ranting!!):

Jamaal is excited about riding on the Kancamagus

The "Sister Wives" lol. Not really, but my sister calls Jam "my brother from another mother of another color" It's special

Should we put this on the Christmas card? *cackles*

Bridge/River off the Kanc

North Conway Five and Dime (we were shopped out so I snapped this from the car)

 Back through the White Mountain National Forest via RT 302

That explains the "falling rock" sign...

The road stretches out before us. 

302 took us by the beautiful Mount Washington Hotel 


Pausing with the sis for a photo op

Getting closer to Littleton  - I'm not sure we've ever made it there in the daylight!

Downtown Littleton - crapass picture, it's really lovely in person


Gummy eggs - these are an inside for gummy brains and gummy teeth? that's just impressive

The glory!

Even Jam had to indulge when he saw the "old school Halloween candy" (bull's eyes, boston baked beans, etc)

Jawbreaker on a stick....insane

So needless to say I can barely button my pants for the gluttony of the weekend....can't  believe tomorrow's Monday and I ate all my candy from Chutters in less than 24 hours!!


Elizabeth said...

Should we put this on the Christmas card? YES YES YES


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