Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Night

This weekend ran me ragged. Ugh.
It included lots of cleaning, rehabbing the old fish tank, framing and hanging seven pictures, doing five loads of laundry (not alone! I helped Jam by requesting Dunkin Donuts and complaining!), an mini emotional breakdown, and eating at least two meals out.

Needless to say, I am glad:

I survived the weekend (and I owe you a phone call EE)
I feel like I accomplished things
Our exercise bike is coming tomorrow so I can stop feeling so gross
It is a short work week
The PATRIOTS beat the COLTS. YEEEEhhhhhhaaaaWWWWWW

I regret:

Eating about two pounds of gummy frogs. My parents had the wedding leftovers and gave them to me. YUM!!!!....oh wait, a wad of gummy candy in my tum. booooooo.

I am apprehensive of:

Being in charge of three pies for Thanksgiving
My first Thanksgiving away from home(!)

I am looking forward to:

Making the three Thanksgiving pies
Trying something new (traveling to the in-laws) for Turkey Day!! I know I have won the "good daughter-in-law prize" already for bringing dessert. No need to dwell on the fact that I am the only daughter in law, lol!
The end of Thanksgiving, which to me marks the beginning of "advent" if you will - the magic of the Christmas season, both "secular" and not. We skipped church today but I made Jam promise we'd be there for all the Advent Sundays, I find them so lovely.

Things I'm really worried about:

Getting overwhelmed. I got a second (though very very part time) job this weekend and am looking forward to learning some new things (it's in a flower shop), but I'm mildly worried that I won't get to enjoy the holidays as much because I'll be stressed. Here's to not letting that happen and enjoying every moment, surrounded by family and FRIENDS.

And here's to a good night. Phew.


mental mosaic said...

"Here's to not letting that happen and enjoying every moment, surrounded by family and FRIENDS"... and those customers at the flower shop, who will be so impressed by your wonderful attitude that they will chill out, too. :)


p.s. It's not just your first T-day away from home, it's also your first in your 'second' home!

elizabeth said...

Ok. You got a second WHAAA? Mmmmmmneeding an explanation here, says the girl who works 7 days a week.

Details please! And a phone call ASAP. I miss you!


Al said...

Yes yes, thank you Tui!!

EE, let's catch up soon!