Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Job update!
I did not have to go rogue!
I did not have to quit my job!
Funding was denied.

Great for me - ok, not so great, but good.
This means that everything is going to stay the same for the moment, and I have to opportunity to pitch my ideas again. I'm attending a huge meeting tomorrow - so huge, Jamaal actually helped me rehearse for it last night - and while decisions may not get made at this meeting, it's going to get the ball rolling, and it could mean that things
might start going my way in a good way, soon. Let's hope!


Honeymoon pic!


Patti B. said...

Hi Allison! I found you by way of the NaBloPoMo site. I was looking for something like this for a long time, since I don't want to write a novel. It's Nov. 2nd, so I figure it's not too late for this month. Anyway, congratulations on your marriage! I took a peek at the wedding pics you posted and you and your husband look great, and so happy!

Al said...

Thank you Patti B! I will go check out your blog!