Thursday, October 21, 2010


OK so I just need a mini-vent here.

The day was everything I hoped for and more.
In planning for the big day, other shizznit got ignored completely....
Stuff like:

All other craftiness
Cooking (and therefore healthy eating)
to a certain extent,
My J-O-B

Overall, working here is good. Great benefits, love the work my institution is doing. But my actual job? I think my old boss is unintentionally sabotaging it. Basically, I have been doing the work of three people for about a year and a half now. The fact that this is unmanageable (unless I want to work 80 hour weeks) came to a head a few weeks ago. Old boss promised to figure things out while I was away. She came to me today with a solution. It's bad. I don't think it will work. It made me want to abandon ship. I'm not sure what to do because no matter how many ways I try to tell her that this is a BAD PLAN (and imagine those words in bright red blinky lights) she keeps saying "well. I think it's ok. let's wait and see!"
I have four options, in my view:
1. deal and go on and let everything self-destruct; clean up pieces in a few months
2. go rogue and do it my way anyways. I might get in trouble later, but it would be for the benefit of the project, and it would show that I did what I thought was best
3. go over old boss's head to the doctors (new bosses) - problem is, they hardly make a move without her OK and it will get back to old boss
4. start looking for a job

None are great options to me. Though I have to admit, I kind of want to go rogue. I'm not too afraid of getting into trouble. Well that's a lie, I'm not afraid to get into trouble with old boss. I definitely won't get into trouble with new bosses, because they'll just be happy to have to work done....I'm afraid of getting in trouble with the HBIC. That would kinda blow.


In other news, I'm trying to channel my focus on catching up with other work things and that list of junk I've been ignoring. I'm so out of shape, I haven't eaten a decent serving of vegetables in weeks, and the only fruit I've had lately has been blended with a healthy portion of rum, LOL.
Our apartment is exploding with clothes (90% clean!) and wedding gifts and wedding stuff, mail, dust, bird seed, etc. Scary thing is, my sister cleaned our apartment while we were away! There's a whole other layer of chaos under her cleaning though, and that's what I want to get through. At least with the other stuff, I feel very very optimistic. That's good, right?!

Also, I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to focus on crafty fun that does not involve the wedding. The wedding craftiness was worth every (sometimes agonizing) minute invested, but, am I sad it's over? HELLS NO!

EE your gay quilt may be finished before your 30th bday after all!!

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