Wednesday, October 08, 2008


On a lighter note, I am at work at my now usual early morning hour. It's kind of obscene leaving from work while the stars are still in the sky, but I'm dealing with it, because at this moment it is what makes work bearable. I have a guaranteed window of nearly two hours, sometimes more, before my coworkers get here and being alone in the office is positively glorious.

This is for several reasons: I mess around doing whatever I want for two solid hours, then do serious work for six. I know this makes me sound like a slacker, but I really do only have about six hours of work to complete when I have no patients to abstract (today I have one eligible for entry - hurrah!). I also get time to observe hilarity - this morning a taxi driver, a bus driver and the BWH loading dock coordinator got in a fight right below my office window. The bus was swerving around an 18-wheeler with its flashers on and a taxi came right at it. True, the bus is supposed to yield to the obstruction, but when the two vehicles came head to head, neither one of them would yield, so they came to rest within inches of one another, the drivers got out, started going at it. That was funny, but then the added hilarity came when the traffic guy decided he had had enough, went up to the taxi driver and was like "enough, you're pissing me off, move your car............MOVE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ooook. That worked.

I'm also finding time to do a lot of personal research - like how to start an etsy shop, or how to throw the best yard sale ever. It's been a worthy investment of my time. I also decided to do a huge zazzle update. I was thinking that it'd be really lovely to make some pretty stamps out of selections from my "portfolio" of nature photography. This was fueled by the forced placement of the fugliest stamp ever on a letter yesterday, a letter that had to go out with said fugly stamp because it was time-sensitive. I usually have my selection of zazzle stamps and some decent 1 cent stamps (because I bought a TON of stamps when they were .41!) but I ran out yesterday and had to use fugly stamp. This led to the postage inspiration. Behold the wonder:
Speaking of online marketplaces, I've been 'troling CafePress for the perfect pair (ok why are they called pairs?) of Barack Obama underwear. Jamaal is horrified by this phenomenon, and I'm not sure if he's horrified because he's afraid he'll whip off my bottoms in a fit of romantic and lustful passion and be stymied by B-rocks jug adorning my nether regions or if he's afraid I'll be showing off my Obama underwear in public....he, and most people, are probably wondering why I don't have a t-shirt. Let me put it this way - since I purchased my Patriots thong, the Pats have won the Superbowl twice and since I purchased my Sox thong, the Sox have won the Series twice, and just won the ALDS. Sure it's not a failproof method, keeping your "team" as close as possible, showing your fandom goes so far as to embrace your lady bits, but I say HEY it's worth a TRY for sure.

So far I have it narrowed down to these 5 selections (technically 6, because I couldn't get the "I vote for That One" thong pic to load):
hmmmm. I love bitchery references. There's a magnet on the inside of my desk, where only I can see it that says "I'm not really a bitch, I just play one in your life." Basically this one is perfect, but maybe not Obama-y enough??

Barack my world. I mean I hope he does in fact "Rock the World." I love the dirty connotation too. Then again, the guy is married and has two kids - will I feel dirty wearing this one? (ok I know I am talking about underwear here, the dirtiness factor has already gone out the window)Green Obama. Very classy. Very understated. Nice but not exciting!

A more retro thong. I like the design. It's nice and girly. Not a cool as the bitches one though.

Ah yes, the classic Barack out with your......I love this, but will Jamaal think I'm trying to send him a message? Well. Knowing him he would be a perv, see the undies and be like "ok." LOL.

Sadly I did not find a thong featuring Obama's face that I found un-creepy, or if his face was not creepy, the thong featured a pic of Joe Biden. I mean he's fine and whatever, but his face needs to stay above the waist. That's that.

Sigh. Well my time of aloneness is quickly coming to an end. I'm gonna go put my now cold Pumpkin Spice Latte in the microwave, fire it up and chug it in an effort to stay conscious til my 6:30 meeting (ugggghhh) I'll keep you posted on the panty front.


everything and nothing said...

I have to say, I like the classy green one the best. I'm not sure why. It's very soothing like a feng shui office or the Amsterdam airport. Yet, it's interlocking and well-laid-out! Well, the exclamation point almost made that sound exciting.
Also, the retro one, at least in the small photo (and how big it a thong going to be anyway?) looks like a pretty but ill-advised tattoo. Awesome!

Al said...

You're funny LOL. Jamaal voted for the "Bitches" one. ha. I should decide so I can wear them when I vote!

Anonymous said...

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