Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Sometimes I have the distinct feeling that before I leave my place of employment to greener pastures (which may be a while since the pastures out yonder are dry and brittle, desiccated by a cold harsh wind....and roamed by wolves) that my coworker and I will get in a fist fight. Oh not because I'm going to haul off and punch her, though the desire is definitely there sometimes, but because she is just the kind of scrappy little biatch that would throw the first punch. I mean she practically assaulted me on her second day of work for pulling her keyboard out from under her desk - it was jammed up under there with all the keys pressed down making that "beep beep beep" noise, and there she is, kneeling on her desk hanging some sh*t on the wall going "what is that noise" So me, being antisocial and not wanting to encourage her with conversation reached over and pulled out the keyboard. She hops down off the desk and is in my face all "WHY DID YOU TOUCH MY COMPUTER" ugh.

Normally I do not take part in this sort of office drama. I'm indifferent to a majority of my coworkers, even the throat clearer, because she can be drowned out with headphones. I've strangely become pretty tight with another one, one who used to bother me a bit, because Anorexia has departed for her greener pastures (Nursing school!!) and we're the only two "originals" left. But this girl is, in a word, shifty. I can't tell if she's trying to be friendly or if she's backstabbing. She saunters down the hall peering into people's offices, she takes her headphones off when I take a phone call, puts them back on when I hang up. She likes to talk about how she "lived" in South Africa, and told R all about her semester abroad there to the point where SHE got so annoyed she pointed to the picture on my desk of me in Africa and said "Allison spent 4 months in Kenya you're not the ONLY ONE with that EXPERIENCE." Apparently she just turned up her nose. I guess I just don't know what to make of her and seeing her interact with other people in person and on the phone has made me wary. ha. and weary. If she were on the other side of the room, I think it would be a non-issue, but her close proximity is tiring, and I think that's what's going to lead to the confrontation. Her closeness, her propensity to slam sh*t around.

Of course my other coworker just blew her nose in the most foul manner. SO all in all I should be grateful.

And yeah, I do realize this is totally petty sh*t. I think the fact that we haven't seen the sun since Friday September 26th is starting to get to me, LOL.
I will stop bitching.....123 NOW!


everything and nothing said...

I think the fact that we haven't seen the sun since Friday September 26th is starting to get to me,


Al said...

Yeah. It hit me today and I was like "f*ck! no wonder I'm cranky as HELLLLLL" LOL