Thursday, October 09, 2008

Le Bored

I have finished my work for the day. Now it IS 2:20, but I did get here at 6:50 this morning, so having essentially 30 minutes to mess around is not so bad - sometimes I am left with hours to fill. Work hours.

Of course the one day I could depart at my usual 3:20pm with the satisfying feeling of having accomplished something real, I'm meeting my friend. I am looking forward to it, but honestly resisted requesting a rain check about 5 times this morning because she doesn't get out of work til 5pm. I will probably leave here at 4:30 to meet her at her office but still...2 damn hours to kill.

I have been reading the NY Times, taking particular care to weed through the Africa section. It's decent, but should probably start reading AllAfrica to really get into meatier issues. I have also been going to sites like Bed Bath and Beyond and Williams Sonoma to try and find cool things to either 1. register for when the time comes (in about 18 months but whatev) and 2. to suggest for Christmas should someone (cough cough grandma) call me on the phone and demand to know what I want. Usually I say "nothing" but this induces fits of rage from Grandma, so I try to have at least something to tell her. Of course in the past I have told her something and she has responded with "that's dumb." Like rainboots, for example - who doesn't need rainboots??! I told her that last year and she sniffed and said "I'm not getting you rainboots" as if I asked her to get me, oh I dunno, a piece of elephant dung. Whatev, Grandma!

I've been trying to plan my holiday giving as well. I am not one to rush the season, I mean we haven't even had Halloween and there's still my favorite of all holidays, Thanksgiving, to get through, but I do like to plan out these things because it helps me budget more effectively. I've got nothing though. No ideas really, not even for Jamaal....I have something in mind for Amy, but it's really only because she suggested it. So yeah. Brainstorming there.

Ugh, I just made myself sleepy with this boring ass post. I think I'm gonna hop over to CVS and buy some ramen (heavvvvvven) or a BLT because I have really wanted one ALL DAY....but I don't know if you can get one at subway...I'll have to find out!

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