Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to FP

It feels like a Friday. I wish it were actually Friday, but I suppose I can hold out for another 12 hours or so.

It's Halloween tomorrow, and I must say, I do look forward to greeting all the neighborhood kids at the door and evaluating costume choices. Amy is pretty sure that there are going to be a lot of Hannah Montana's but she hopes that at least one kid will go with Miley Cyrus. I tend to like the little kids the best though as the whole tween generation kind of baffles me. I mean I was totally there once too, but my costumes for that era were like..uh..."goddess" or "policewoman" or "witch" Never a pop star wearing like, half a costume. Though I totally was an Indian or "native American" in 3rd grade and a bride in 1st. Clearly before my politically correct feminist stage, hahaha, though we did reject gender roles early on as I spent several Halloweens in a row as Oscar the Grouch. I wonder if my parents were trying to send me a subtle message.

This year I'm going to a Halloween party for the first time since Kindergarten. I have decided to be a vampire, which is kind of lame, but there it is. I have all the stuff I need for it now, even the teeth. Even a cape! It should be exciting. My parents are going as well (it's my father's work's party, and should be fun and not lame like it probably sounds right now) and they're going as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth aka Mrs. Dog. My poor mother has never seen the show and was sort of like 'ok whatevs' but then googled Beth and Dog and was like 'holy shit.' Amy and I bought wigs for my parents though so at the very least they will have the proper hair. Amy is going as Holly Golightly and has an awesome wig and outfit. We should look rockin. I just realized we'll all be dressed in black too. Ha at least we'll match.

In other news, I have to get my life back in order this weekend. Once again it's been flung into disarray by a combination of overbooking life, getting home late, and getting sick (last weekend). I of course am volunteering this Saturday, which will eat up an entire day since I will be heading down to NEEWS again (which totally makes me happy, but it IS a 2 hour excursion). I am thinking that Sunday will be my day. We'll just have to see.

Yikes. I still wish it was Friday.


The other Al...of Portland! said...

OMG PLEASE post pics of your mom and dad.
I can't even picture your mom as a trashy big-boobed ho. (not that I can picture your dad with a blonde mullet, but you get my drift)

Elizabeth said...

Now it is! Friday is here! Happy Halloween!

And yes. Pics please!

everything and nothing said...

Ha! Your mom is brave. My mom loves Mrs. Dog--- maybe I can convince her to do this next year.

Al said...

I will post them here, no worries lol

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