Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Stop Crafting

So I pulled a near all-nighter to make sufficient headway on the wedding afghan I am knitting. I popped one of my favorite, though rather outdated, miniseries in the tv and went to it to 3:30 in the morning, when I finally succumbed to sleep.

I think it was probably the worst possible thing I could have done, WORSE than not finishing the gift (the wedding is on Saturday). Right now I seem to be having pretty significant trouble keeping my head upright...I almost tumbled headfirst right into my keyboard. I'm counting down the hours until I am released (6 hours 5 minutes) from the prison of cancer research. I have platelets to cut up my day, but I am seriously concerned about falling asleep on the gurney!

I think I might legit need to go on a bit of a crafting hiatus, for real this time. Because pulling all-nighters out of college is soooo wrong. Ok, off to nap.


Elizabeth said...

Al, I did this for my Mom's wedding. I didn't socialize and just sat on the couch at the party and let people come to me....and then I wouldn't even make eye contact because I was *focused.* Good news: I got my cross stitch done and damn if it wasn't the center piece of the ceremony. YOU CAN DO IT! (But yes, please do take a crafting hiatus and SLEEP after this. :)

Al said...

I didn't make it :( mostly because I planned to finish after the wedding, late at night, but bumped my head because Jamaal and I were wrestling and I whacked my head on the corner of the night table between the two beds at the hotel. Boo face. So I just went to sleep cause I was all hurt-ed and tired :) I will ship it though!