Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Week!

So this whole engagement thing is really starting to settle in. I *think* I've been looking at the ring's hard not to though, lol, because at some points I'm still in this state of complete disbelief :D In a good way

Anyways, I have to get back to reality now. I've got a pile of bills, a mountain of homework, and a stack of correspondence that I need to see too - plus it's Easter weekend! It's weird having it so early this year - usually we celebrate my birthday on Easter (every 11 years it's ON Easter) and it's always "get ready for spring" time, with the forsythia out and the daffodils blooming. Patriots' Day is usually spring cleaning at my house, and usually that coincides with Easter and everything, so I really feel this urge to get out there and rake leaves and uncover all my little plants. It's too early though!! I did see some crocuses this morning by the school of public health, and it brought a smile to my face, even though they're earlier than most due to the heat given off by the building. Ah well.

Now I am at work and it is so boring it's painful. One of my really irritating coworkers is gone, which is amazing because it is tranquil and quiet in this office without her. On the other hand, her blabbing made the day go by much faster. Now it draaaaags.

In other news, I am once again partaking in the International Scarf Exchange. Exciting! I have my match and emailed her and got some great feedback, so I went and bought yarn for a scarf yesterday. I am making the Fling (left) in two nice browns, a khaki and a rich chocolate, as my pal likes natural and cool colors. The thing is that this is very basic and will knit quickly. I wanted to make her another little goody, like this cashmere neck warmer (right). The thing is, I can't find suitable and affordable yarn easily. I looked on eBay but I don't trust the color swatches. I might try and find something else...but I love the idea of making a decorative scarf for wearing around and a neck warmer for legitimately cold days. Plus my pal is petite, so a neck warmer would be great and not so bulky! Hmm I guess I'll have to think on this one. Perhaps make a special trip to a fancy yarn shop? We'll see......

Hahahahah RAVELRY VICTORY! I think I've found a nice compromise in terms of the neck warmer, with a better pattern and some fabulous yarn. YAY! Heh heh I like it when things WORK. Of course I better knit while I can, school resumes Monday (boooooo!)


Anonymous said...

Hey lady!
Okay, so apparently I've overthrown all your blogposting comments sections but hey! here are my questions/comments:
a. are you going to be around at all this coming weekend? I'm going to Ma from Friday until Sunday and would LOVE to meet up for lunch or drinks !!!(even better haha) if you are able! We need to catch up at SOME POINT :)
b. What is your new last name going to be (understandable if you don't want to post it here)
c. Do you have your blogger set so that you know when you get comments? Cause mine isn't and I don't see it anywhere!
d. Did your grandma go to the south shore plaza again this year to sell her awesome easter eggs?

okay, that's all! ttyl!

Al said...

a. YES YES YES I WILL BE AROUND. I have a crapton of homework, but for you I will set aside time, ABSOLUTELY
b. I'm hyphenating (ahhh so women's lib of me) so I'll be mylastname-Thompson
c. NO!! I should figure out how though. Sometimes I am blogger-tarded
d. YES! She is amazing! She's frickin 80 years old and stands for three days straight selling them...then she's all casual and is like "oh yeah, I did ok, about $1400 worth of business." Amy wants to be her apprentice!!

I hope we can catch up this weekend!!!!! YAY!