Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hell Piss Cold

I am at home watching Oprah for the second time this week because I left work early. At least I tried to go today but it didn't work out too well. I made it til 1:30 then my cold got the best of me and I felt as though I was being hit in the head with a hammer. Never mind the goo in my sinuses that leaks out almost constantly, even in my sleep. Ew. What is more irritating than anything is that I don't know anyone who is sick except my aunt, who has bronchitis, which I am sure I don't have. Errr. Of course taking the subway, which at times, positively festers with germs, like on rainy and snowy days when the floors are covered in swill, is enough to expose anyone to sufficient pathogens to make them ill. I suppose I don't have SARS this time, or MRTB, but this has been enough to make me was my hands with greater diligence and invest stock in Purell (which does not cause resistant bacteria). I also have a great fear of making the people around me sick. Not the people who flip the f*ck out, like the lady at the storage unit place who screamed at me as I handed her my check and said "don't come ANY closer I've been sick ALL WINTER!" I kind of wanted to cough on her...I worry about my coworkers (who will blame me if they get sick) and obviously my family and friends because this is one of the most foul colds that I have had in a long time. Sigh.
Well. I best do some grad school work. Cause school has not stopped. And I can't call in sick from school. Ehhhhhhhh.

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