Friday, March 07, 2008

Sometimes I Bemoan Our Society

Not that watching golf is in my top 50 fun things to do on a Saturday afternoon, but this makes me never want to watch it again. Who the f*ck does stuff like this - and I ask this as a member of Ducks Unlimited, an organization that supports hunting?!? What a jerk. I adore the red-shouldered hawks that live in our yard, as they are majestic, beautiful, and an essential part of our local ecosystem (my mother and neighbor love them specifically due to the fact that they consume snakes at an amazing rate). Sigh. I think I will put out some raw meat or something for our hawk, just to compensate for this a-hole. Sometimes I wish I didn't keep up with the news....
(Amy's pic of our hawk. It's fuzzy, but as you can see, he is badass, which is why we love him. Or her. Whichever.)

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